Jim Dunlop Jim Dunlop Pro Tone Bars

Jim Dunlop
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Jim Dunlop Stainless Steel tone bars are amongst the finest available. See the specs for these bars below and use the drop down menu to select you preferred weight, length and/or diameter.

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Jim Dunlop Pro Tone Bars are available in the folowing wieghts/diameters; 

Jim Dunlop 920 Pro Tone Bar

An ideal tone bar for Lap or Pedal Steel guitars.

Wieght - 7.5 oz. 

Length -  3.1/4"

Diameter - 7/8"

Jim Dunlop 919 Pro Tone Bar

Smaller in diameter and length than the 920 the 919 is perfect for Dobro or Lap Steel.

Wieght - 4.5 oz. 

Length -  2.3/4"

Diameter - 3/4"


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919 Tone Bar, 920 Tone Bar,
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