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The Penta Harp is built for all musicians, not just harmonica players! If you have every tried to learn the harmonica before and were confused with the note layout, this harmonica is for you. The Penta Harp’s intuitive design is easier to understand so you don’t have to use advanced techniques to get the notes that you know will work. You can play melodies and solos effortlessly!

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The Minor Pentatonic scale is one of the most useful in popular music. Play any of these notes in the right key and you can’t go wrong. By adding the “Blue Note” the player can add extra expression and versatility, this is known as the “Blues Scale”. Guitarists refer to this scale as “Playing in the Box”, and it is the one of the first scales to learn when playing a solo. However, to play this scale accurately on a standard harmonica demands advanced techniques that could take years to master! That’s where the PentaHarp comes in.

While you don’t need to know how to do advanced techniques to make this a useful instrument right out of the box, there are so many things this harmonica can do that no other harmonica can!
• You can vamp in the standard 1-4-5 pattern just by blowing on holes 1-2-3.
• Octaves are easily accessible and you don’t have to change your mouth embouchure. This works on both blowing and drawing!
• You can blow power chords, which no harmonica has allowed before!
For those that do know more advanced techniques you will be amazed to know what this harmonica can really do.
• You can draw bend on every hole across the entire range of the harmonica!
• While the Penta Harp is not necessarily set up for Over blows, this new note layout allows for more Over blows than any other harmonica.
• In 3rd position you can play the major pentatonic scale with the available draw bends and over blows

The versatility the Penta Harp brings opens up a world of possibilities for both beginners and pro players playing all genres. This harmonica utilizes the Special 20 platform which is the most popular professional grade harmonica in the world. It is produced by Hohner in the factory in Trossingen Germany where they have produced harmonicas since 1857.


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Progressive Series


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A Minor, Bb Minor, C Minor, D Minor, E Minor, G Minor, Low F Minor,

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john babbidge
Most likely will stick with my Richter tuned harmonicas. I have given 5 stars because like Special 20 it is well made , comfortable to play and sounds nice, but I'm not sure of how best to use it.
Rated 5 out of 5

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