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Guitar Pickups & Transducers

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The Prefix Pro Blend is ideal for smaller body guitars! This miniature preamp shares similar performance specs as the Prefix Stereo Blender, on a smaller bezel that occupies 1/3 less space on the guitar. An excellent fit on slim-bodied acoustic-electrics. Available in Wide and Narrow formats (seedrop down menu for choice options).


A miniature onboard preamp built into an elongated endpin jack. The Powerjack will give active performance to your passive piezo pickup. 2,000+ hour battery life from a single 9-Volt battery! Professional installation is recommended.


The Ellipse Aura® combines Fishman’s most sophisticated onboard preamp design with the power of Aura® Acoustic Imaging Technology for exceptional accuracy and true to life sound. Ellipse Aura allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as miked in a professional studio.


Add the power and sonic clarity of Fishman’s renowned blending technology to your guitar, without any visible modification. The Ellipse Matrix Blend combines the world’s best-selling undersaddle pickup, the Fishman Acoustic Matrix, with the popular Ellipse Blend to give you incredible tone at your fingertips.

Nashville Series Spider-style Resophonic Pickup with split saddle piezo-ceramic pickup designed specifically for spider-style bridges and includes a 1/4' external jack for easy mounting. As used by Jerry Douglas*

A pickup that captures and reproduces the unique tonal character of your resophonic guitar. This simple and unobtrusive pickup captures that funky, throaty signature resophonic tone with unprecedented accuracy and resistance to feedback. 

This pickup is now discontinued by Fishman

Brand new pickup with the old box/packaging.

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Compact, powerful stompbox featuring award-winning Aura® Acoustic Imaging technology that restores a studio-miked sound to your resophonic pickup. Pre-loaded with 16 custom Fishman Aura Images created and used by Jerry Douglas specifically for resophonic guitars.

Easy to set up and use, The Jerry Douglas Aura Imaging Pedal eliminates intrusive stage noise and expensive microphone setups, allowing you to reveal the true, unique voice of your instrument on stage or in the studio.

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Gold Tone developed the WBM expressly for Weissenborn-style guitars to accommodate their wider string spacing. This humbucking magnetic pickup provides balanced response from string to string. The wooden pickup cover complements the look of our Weissenborns beautifully.

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