Golden Gate Set of 24 Flat Hook and Nuts (1/4 " Round Nut)

A set of 24 flat hook and nuts for that restoration you've been planning. These slightly shorter than standard hooks will work on many vintage banjos and banjo ukes without having to cut the hooks shorter. See below for detailed dimensions.

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  • Overall length of hook: 57.00 mm (2.250")
  • Length of flat : 20mm (0.789")
  • Length of thread on tension hook: 24 mm (0.945"")
  • Diameter of hook: 3.3 mm (0.138")
  • The length of the tension hook from the underside of the hooked section to the end of the thread is 31mm (1.223")
  • Length of nut: 14.5 mm (0.568") 


Accessory Type
Bracket Keys, Nuts & Hooks
Instrument Suitability
Number of Strings