Fred Kelly Delrin Freedom Picks


The Fred Kelly Delrin Freedom Pick is a new innovation in finger pick design and is ideal for guitar and in particular Clawhammer Banjo. The Delrin provides a very comfortable fit and natural feel on the strings.

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 The world famous FREEDOM PICK takes the place of your fingernails and increases volume. It also works great for frailing back and forth across the strings and hence works nicely for banjo players and others besides just guitarists. It has a comfortable, yet secure fit to your finger and is completely adaptable for a personal fit by way of manicuring, cutting and trimming. You can also customize their shape and fit by exposing them to hot and then cold water etc. The FREEDOM PICK made out of delrin provides a softer more natural sound while the polycarb model produces a brighter sound..


Accessory Type
Finger Picks
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Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin,
Large, Medium, Small,
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Steve Berg
Shhhhhh don't tell anyone about these..... Lol. Okay so look I play mostly electric guitar. I have hand problems, Dupuytrens Contracture if you must know lol. Which sees it hard for me to play fast scale driven progressions with my fretting hand. Which is why I use these picks!!! Well, I say picks, but then I only use one. I swapped it for my guitar pick, it goes in my pointer finger, strumming hand. This where you can indeed strum in the same way as using a conventional guitar pick, you just support your pointer finger with your thumb in the same way as holding a guitar pick, BUT!
This frees up all of your other for fingers, where you can add finger style. For me in order to compensate for the lack of mobility in my fretting hand, fast and varied rolls instead. It's also very easy to vibrato with just your pointer, you don't have to move your whole hand.
Pinch harmonics?
Well with a guitar pick you have to do that thing with the side of your thumb, not a fan. With one of these, you strike with your thumb and touch with your pointer finger, the pad of your pointer finger is free under the pick. I find it WAY easier, you can just flick harmonics at will!

What made me do this?

Well before my hands got too bad, I used to play the Sitar. These days my ring finger right hand, curls too much to get my hand around a Sitar neck. However I use a similar technique as the Sitar with the guitar, where I can alternate pick whilst hitting my high E as a drone, my thumb is free to then hit a low E or A open drone.
For the Sitar you use a miserabe on your pointer finger, it's metal but it works in much the same way.
You can't use anything metal however on an electric guitar, it sounds terrible.

The reason I said shhhhh is because it's cheating lol.
Even if my hands were fine, I'd still use one of these! It just allows you to do so much more.
Which then brings me to which ones!
I find the clear poly more comfortable, but the .... and I'm going to say this wrong...the derlin ones last longer and are more accurate. You can split the clear poly ones eventually when strumming with attitude lol.

I know they are not made to be used this way....
Is it possible that EVERYONE ELSE is limiting their guitar playing via using the wrong pick?
Nooooo, don't be stupid, how can I be right and everyone else be wrong lol?
Next I'll be claiming to be Jesus lol..


Shhhhhh don't tell the music police!

AND! This will teach you to ask me to review your company and products, I bet you didn't expect War and Peace..

These days all you get is:

👍 these is well good innit.... 🙂
Rated 5 out of 5
Neil Hunt
Eagle always prompt and on the ball. The Fred Kelly Freedom picks were too small for my fingers, I ordered medium and though I don't regard my fingers as large they are far too small and unlike metal picks cannot be bent to fit. The risk of buying mail order so no blame except t ome
I have modified them with a Stanley knife and file so now usable and as good a solution as any for clawhammer. I will try the large at some point.
Rated 3 out of 5
Keith Miller
These picks are good but in order to fit comfortably will require some filing away of the edge on top that pushes against the cuticle, and also some filing away on the underside, to enlarge the finger pad area.
Rated 4 out of 5
Keith Dennison
First rate picks
Rated 5 out of 5
Graeme Gass
Trying to getting accustomed to them as I’ve always found fingerpicks awkward to get used to.
Rated 4 out of 5