Dave Mallinson English Pub Session Tunes

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In this book you’ll find the holy grail of pub session tunes, the very backbone and life blood of the English traditional music scene.

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A sizable proportion of the tunes have been made popular by The Old Swan Band.

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English Pub Session Tunes English Pub Session Series : Dave Mallinson

The Muffin Man
Johnny Come Down to Hilo
Kelly, the Boy from Killan
Planxty Irwin
Sheebeg, Sheemore
The Munster Cloak
The Man in the Moon
The Drunken Sailor
Saint Mary's Polka
The Wren
A Starry Night for a Ramble
Napoleon Crossing the Rhine
Clee Hill
O’Connor’s Polka
Andrew Carr
Dennis Murphy's Polka
The Officer's Polka
The Tip Top Polka
The Ballydesmond Polka
The Ton
The Butterfly
Orange in Bloom
Sonny's Mazurka
Because He Was a Bonny Lad
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
The Quaker
The Sloe
The Evesham Stick Dance
Michael Turner's Waltz
Church Street
The Seven Stars
Hexham Races
Rochdale Coconut Dance
The Heel and Toe Polka
Uncle’s Jig
The Redowa Polka
Smash the Windows
The Gaspé Reel
The Kirkgate Hornpipe
Lemmie Brazil’s Hornpipe
Upton upon Severn Stick Dance
Over the Hills and Far Away
Foul Weather Call
Waiting for the Federals
Scan Tester's Polka No. 1
Scan Tester's Polka No. 2
Foxhunter's Jig
The Fiery Clock Face
Merrily Kiss the Quaker
Roxburgh Castle
Girl with the Blue Dress on
Old Joe Clarke
Bonnie Kate
Harper's Frolic
John of Paris
Family Jig
Walter Bulwer's Polka No. 1
Walter Bulwer's Polka No. 2
The Little Burnt Potato
Mickey Chewing Bubble Gum
The Rocky Road to Dublin
The Lady in the Boat
The White Cockade
Soldiers’ Joy
Hot Punch
The Boys of Bluehill
Tripping Upstairs
The Rakes of Kildare
Sleep Soond i’ da Moarning
Saddle the Pony
Navvy on the Line
La Bastringue
Staten Island
The Redesdale Hornpipe
The Steamboat
Frost Is All Over
Off to California
Father O’Flynn
The Eighth of January
Shandon Bells
The Irish Washerwoman
Speed the Plough
Harvest Home
The Tenpenny Bit
The Marquis of Lorne
The Belfast Hornpipe
The Trumpet Hornpipe
Rickett's Hornpipe
The Blackthorn Stick
Woodland Revels
Athole Highlanders
Sir Sydney Smith's March
The Fairy Dance
Drowsy Maggie
The College Hornpipe
Miss McLeod's Reel
The Merry Blacksmith


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