Eagle-Puretone C6 Lap Steel .015 .017 .022w .026w .030w .036w

A specially gauged set for 6 string Lap Steel guitar players as reccommended by Dewitt Scott. Supplied in either Nickel or Bronze Ball end. See below for gauges.

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C 6th tuning - Jazz, Western Swing (Low to High)


G (0,030)

G# (0,026)

B (0,022W)

C# (0,017)

E (0,015)

Steel guitars were originally developed and popularized in Hawaii. Legend has it that Joseph Kekuku, a Hawaiian schoolboy, discovered the sound while walking along a railroad track strumming his guitar. He picked up a bolt lying by the track and slid the metal along the strings of his guitar. Intrigued by the sound, he taught himself to play using the back of a knife blade.

The steel guitar differs from a regular guitar in the way that it is played. The lap steel guitar is held in your lap facing toward you. The strings are raised above the fret board; rather than pressing them to the fret board, a steel bar is pressed against the strings. Typically the lap steel guitar is tuned in one of several "open" tunings rather than standard guitar tuning. Here are 3 other common steel guitar tunings.

*Suggested string gauges in brackets.

E tuning - Blues, Rock







E (0,054)

B (0,046)

E (0,036)

G# (0,028)

B (0,020)

E (0,016)

G tuning - Hawaiian, Country, Bluegrass

G (0.052)

B (0,042) 

D (0,034)

G (0,026)

B (0,020)

D (0,017)

Below is one of the tunings as suggested by ABM  for the Slider 6 string Lap Steel.

E 13th tuning - Jazz, Western Swing

D (0,032

E (0,028)

G# (0,022)

B (0,020)

C# (0,018)

E (0,015)


Number of Strings
6 String
Instrument Suitability
Electric Guitar
String Weighting
String Winding
Plain + Roundwound
String Fitting Type
Ball End, Loop End,
String Material
Nickel, Phosphor Bronze,

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