Deering Skin Tone Banjo Head


This cross between a fiberskyn and renaissance head will provide you with a new look and sound for your banjo. Has a mellow banjo tone, not too much sustain, good clarity and note distinction. It has a matte finish.
Standard Deering head diameter: 11"


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High Crown, Medium Crown,
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Customer reviews

5 / 5
1 review for Deering Skin Tone Banjo Head
eKomi customer reviews
Miles Ridley - SV HIRAETH
I was a little reluctant to purchase this over the Renaissance or Fibreskyn head, due to the increased cost.
It has however proved to be great for getting the tone for Frailing I was looking for.
It sounds quite a bit warmer than the Renaissance and there is more note definition than with the Fibreskyn.
As I don't change my head very often the extra £10 doesn't matter too much.

*Note - I understand that this extra cost of the head is directly from Deering or Remo (as they're ultimately made by Remo) and not Eagle Music Shop.
Rated 5 out of 5