Deering Sierra Mahogany

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What a great banjo! The Deering Sierra is the USA Deering Banjo CO. 'Flagship Model' outselling all other Deering Banjos. Supplied complete with a Deering Deluxe hardshell case. Please see below for specification details.

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Key Features
Made in the U.S.A.
Made in the U.S.A
Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Supplied with Deluxe Deering Hardshell Case

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Deering Sierra Specification:

Also available in Maple

"When I first introduced the Sierra I kept the cost down by keeping the cosmetics simple. I put the money into the pot assembly. I wanted to build a top professional banjo at a price that I could have afforded when I was a kid going to the music store on my way home from school every day.

The Sierra has been tremendously successful. But it is no longer cosmetically simple. With the implementation of new technology I have been able to make the Sierra exquisitely beautiful without raising the price. I have been greatly inspired by the art work of the old masters of the Boston Banjo era from the turn of the last century. With this inspiration in my blood I have brought art to the Sierra that is usually reserved for banjos costing much, much more. So now the Sierra is a truly professional master piece of both sound and art at a price that is in your reach. We sell more Sierras than any other model and that makes it our flagship banjo!"

Greg Deering

Our most popular professional grade banjo for almost 30 years. Greg Deering knows what it feels like to want a professional banjo and not be able to afford it, so this has become the flagship of our line. We make the Sierra affordable and you get all the most important features that affect the tone and playability. Simple detailing allows us to keep the cost down, while still giving you all the important components of a high quality banjo.


  • Mahogany - Now Available in Maple
  • Natural Ebony Fingerboard
  • 22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets
  • Original Deering Designed Engraved Inlays
  • Slender Deering Neck Shape
  • Fully Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Deering Planetary Banjo Tuners
  • Deering Geared 5th String Peg
  • Satin Finish


  • Deering -06- 20 Hole Bell Bronze Tone Ring
  • Three-Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • True Tone Deering Tailpiece
  • Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop
  • 11″ Top Frosted Medium Crown Head
  • 24 Round Hooks and ¼″ Hex Nuts
  • One Piece Cast Zinc Flange
  • Slender Shaped Armrest
  • Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Satin Finish

Mahogany or Maple Stained Brown
White Binding
Straight Inside Sidewalls
Satin Finish

With the standard Mahogany, the Sierra has the sweet sound of mahogany with less sustain than maple or walnut. With optional Maple, at no extra cost, the Sierra has a brighter and crisper professional quality tone that is easy to play with clarity and good note separation

g,D,G,B,D in standard G tuning
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.

Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4″
Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
Resonator Diameter 13 7/8″
Overall Instrument Length 38″
Weight Approx. 11 lbs

Price includes a Deering Deluxe Hard Shell Case

The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship

Each banjo we supply is individually set up in our on-site Banjo Specialist Workshop here at Eagle Music. Any Banjo purchased from Eagle will be fully SET UP, checked for intonation and playability and tuned ready for playing straight out of the box! 

Your Deering 'Sierra' Banjo will also be supplied with the following ... 

  • Deering Deluxe hardshell case
  • Lifetime Guarantee card

Below is a review from our customer Richard Sharp on his new Deering Sierra Mahogany 5 String

'The Deering Sierra is a true musical instrument. Beautifully built it resonates with extraordinary harmonics and has the feel and responsiveness that you associate with the finest acoustic instruments. It weighs a bit but once you get used to that you find it sits in your lap beautifully and that helps you maintain the stability you need for fast playing. The neck is not wide but I find it just the right width for banjo playing. The neck is finished in a satin finish that feels great and ensures that it never feels sticky. The tuners are silky smooth and the banjo holds its tuning remarkably well.
I have the mahogany version and it has a wonderful harmonic depth to it. Some may think that the mahogany (over the maple) version is not bright enough - banjo music needs to be bright, right? - but I find it plenty bright enough and certainly not harsh, a perfect blend of tone depth and projection. That harmonic depth may be due to Greg Deering's pursuit of perfect harmonics and his quest to eliminate bad and competing harmonics, whatever, this Deering Sierra Mahogany sings beautifully whilst having the traditional clear banjo tone.
The neck and headstock inlays are not real mother of pearl and if you look carefully you can see a little filler at the edges but no matter, they look great and give the banjo a top grade look about it. My Sierra came fitted with the new "smile" bridge, which apparently improves the head connection but as I have not compared it with a different bridge I cannot comment other than to say that it resonates very clearly. The mahogany used in the neck and resonator appears to be of a high quality. The included hard case is excellent quality and very well engineered to protect the banjo in transit.
Overall: a top quality instrument at an excellent price. I've had my Sierra mahogany for six months, have probably played it every day and have absolutely no reservations about this beautiful instrument. '

Buckinghamshire, England.


Brand Specifics

Range / Series
Banjo Type
5 String Banjo
Number of Strings
5 String


Pot Type
Pot Diameter


Number of Frets


Tuning Pegs
Rear facing planetary tuners


Country of Manufacture
Right or Left Handed
Right Handed
Supplied with Case/Gig Bag
Hard Case
Manufacturers Warranty
Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Limited Lifetime

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Deerings flagship model 'The Sierra' played by Jens Kruger

Customer reviews

5 / 5
6 reviews for Deering Sierra Mahogany customer reviews
Clifford Hedley
I love it!
Rated 5 out of 5
Nicholas Smart
High quality banjo with excellent sound.
Rated 5 out of 5
Tom O'Leary
Professional level instrument.
High build standard from Deering.
Well set up by Eagle Music.
Rated 5 out of 5
Steve Fox
A stunning instrument and a joy to play.
Rated 5 out of 5
William Lawrenson
This is a well constructed instrument with excellent tone.
Rated 5 out of 5

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