Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece

The Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece is made in the same Spring Valley factory as all of our banjos. Deering's take on the traditional no-knot tailpiece offers a far lower break angle over the bridge than the standard Deering tailpiece. This gives the banjo the recognizable mellow, muted tone long preferred by the old time/ clawhammer/ frailing style banjo players.

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 The Knot-Less tail piece is also completely stable, eliminating the age old issue of the tailpiece being pulled from side to side during a restring.

Made for Vega Old Time Wonder, the Deering Knot-Less works for Goodtime Banjos and Deering models without a flange.

Note: Will not fit any Deering banjo that has a standard flange or tube flange.


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