Deering Goodtime Erin Doolin EDGO-19 Standard Scale Open Back Irish Tenor Banjo with Tone Ring

Instrument Setup
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Made in the USA by Deering Banjos, The Erin Doolin 19 fret open back tenor banjo is fitted with the Deering Goodtime 20/10 design tone ring to give it extra power and clarity of tone. It has a fast action 19 fret rock maple neck ...the choice of the professionals. Set-up and tuned to GDAE specifically with the correct strings for playing Irish music in tuning. This is an exceptional powerful open back tenor banjo that is compact and easy to handle, excellent for session playing. Please see below for specification.

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Key Features
Made in the U.S.A.
Made in the U.S.A
6 Years
6 Years Warranty
3 play maple rim
Quality 3 Ply Maple Rim

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Each banjo we supply is individually set up in our on-site Specialist Workshop here at Eagle Music. Any banjo purchased from Eagle will be fully SET UP, checked for intonation and playability and tuned ready for playing straight out of the box!

The Erin Irish Tenor Banjo Range:
The study of the designs of the most sought after vintage era tenor banjos used by professionals for playing Irish music, and the design experience that has gone into the making of this special range of Erin Irish tenor banjos, coupled with the unique relationship between Steve and Greg Deering sets this range of Irish tenor banjos apart from the rest. The critical neck widths and measurements, scale lengths, bridge height, bridge position, gauge and type of strings fitted make these banjos unique in that they are specifically ergonomically designed to give the player maximum tone, sustain and playability when playing Irish and Celtic music in dropped GDAE tuning.

All Erin banjos are fitted with a set of classic back facing planetary geared banjo tuners and black side dot neck position markers.

All Deering Erin banjos are unique and exclusive to Eagle Music. They are built by the same Craftsmen, and with the same care and tooling that is used for building the top of the line USA Deering, Vega and Tenbrooks Banjos. Teachers and professionals all around the world recommend banjos that are built by Deering.


Easy to play with clarity of note separation, extra power and volume
Generated from the Deering Goodtime 20/10 tone ring
Tuned: GDAE specifically for playing Irish music
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.

Recommended String Gauges: Eagle-Puretone Irish tenor banjo medium gauge 12 plain, 18 wound, 28 wound and 38 wound for E A D G tuning

Case sold separately

The trust and pride that Deering share in their products gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Erin Goodtime banjo a warranty ensuring the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Detailed Deering Erin Goodtime Tenor Banjo Specification:

Made in America at the Deering Banjo factory in California, the Goodtime Erin openback banjo weighs about 4 pounds so it is ideal for taking to the session, traveling, camping, hiking or even taking to the beach! This banjo provides a vibrant singing banjo tone in any situation. Also, light enough to easily hold and play and is the perfect banjo to start out with since it is fretted correctly and plays easily.

Tuned in 5ths to GDAE for Irish music, this banjo is a great crossover instrument for string players! As one customer put it "Really great instrument with a great build quality and a lovely loud and rich tone. It is a delight to play with its short scale fretboard, slim neck and lighter weight body. I chose the Irish GDAE tuning so that I can use the chords and tunes already learnt on the mandolin and am able to play it with just a little more of a stretch and a bit more movement of the old fingers! I'm well impressed and can strongly recommend one of these lovely American made banjos".

At Eagle Music we set up each Erin banjo with the correct gauge strings for playing Irish music in GDAE tuning. Also at the set-up stage, We set the action and intonation ...We tune each banjo before dispatch.

The heart of the Goodtime Banjo is the three ply violin maple rim producing an exceptional bright warm tone...It is built with excellent quality nickel hardware and the Rock Maple neck sets up with a fast action.

The ever popular Deering Goodtime Erin Banjo has a rock maple neck and construction that provides you with stability at a great price; it has amazing volume and quality of tone.

The 3 ply rim is built from solid violin maple. The rim diameter is 279.40mm (11”) and a thickness of 14.28mm (9/16”). The solid violin maple rim is fitted with the Deering Goodtime 20/10 design tone ring to give the banjo extra power and volume to produce a bright, clear, and warm sound. 16 bracket hooks are fitted to give even tension on the tension hoop. The tailpiece is a Deering silent type that accepts loop-ended string. All metal work is nickel plated to a high standard. The Deering mylar smooth top head is fitted along with an ebony tipped 15.87mm (5/8”) maple bridge. The solid violin maple rim is natural satin finished.

The fast action rock maple neck is attached to the pot assembly with a lag bolt and coordinating rim rod, which give you the player the facility to alter the action should you ever need to do so. The neck is constructed from solid rock maple. The headstock had beautiful Celtic inlays to give you the presence of a unique Irish tenor banjo. The fingerboard is inlaid with black Bow Tie inlays to suit the black side dot markers. The nickel silver fretwork is perfectly positioned, rounded and polished for smooth playing.

The nut is precisely cut and filed for a comfortable string action at the first position. The Deering traditional fiddle shaped peghead is finished in natural satin maple engraved with the Erin logo, Celtic Star and intertwined Celtic hearts. The face of the headstock is also inlaid with Made with Pride in The USA & Goodtime. A set of precision geared tuners are fitted for trouble free tuning. The tuners are nickel plated to match the hardware of the pot assembly. The neck is natural satin finished, to match the rim.


Brand Specifics

Range / Series
Product Line
Blonde Goodtime
Eagles Own Exclusive Brands
Exclusive to Eagle Music
Banjo Type
4 String Banjo
Number of Strings
4 String


Pot Type
Open back
Pot Diameter
Pot Construction
3 ply violin grade maple rim
Banjo Head Type
White Smooth Top
Crown Height
High Crown (1/2")
Tension Hoop
Steel tension hoop
Number of Hooks
Deering Goodtime Smile Bridge 3 footed maple with ebony tip
Bridge Height
Deering Goodtime Patented Tailpiece
Armrest Fitted


Neck Material
Blonde slender rock maple neck
Number of Frets
Neck Inlays
Goodtime Bow Tie Inlays
Scale Length
22 3/4" (578mm)


Nut Material
Nut Width
1 3/16" (30mm)
Tuning Pegs
Rear facing planetary tuners
Tuner Buttons


Chicago DGBE , Irish GDAE , Jazz CGDA ,


Overall Length
Country of Manufacture
Right or Left Handed
Right Handed
Manufacturers Warranty
6 Years
6 Years
4 lb

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