Deering Fifth String Capo Spike - Set of Three - With fitting instructions


Pack of Three Deering 'Capo Spikes' to Capo the fifth string on your banjo. The answer to your problem if you ‘Don’t want to screw a regular 5th string ‘Capo’ to the side of your banjos neck! …These 5th string Deering ‘Banjo Spikes’ install into the fingerboard of your banjo. (Fitting instructions included) In use, you simply push your fifth string under the spike to ‘capo’ the fifth string. See below for more details.

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Spikes are normally fitted at the 7th 9th and 10th frets which give you easier access to playing in the keys of A, B, C etc. Deering Spikes are made from a higher tensile steel and is less likely to fail and buckle than other ‘railroad spikes’ that are used for holding the track down on model railways.Deering spikes are shown in the photograph fitted to a Deering Jens Kruger ‘Signature’ model. The string is shown capo'd  on the 7th fret spike, if you place a regular capo on the second fret, you can now play in open 'A'.

The Deering spike can also be used in place of a fifth string ‘nut’ as shown in the photograph of a Deering Goodtime with the spike installed on the fifth fret.
If you ever want to remove the spikes, you can fill the tiny hole with a mixture of epoxy and wood dust that matched your fingerboard.


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