Deering Smile Bridge


The NEW Deering Smile bridge is finally here. Shaped to fit the natural curve of a banjo head when under tension. Available for 5 string banjos with flat fingerboard only and 2 height options, 5/8" and 11/16" and 5/8" and 11/16" radiused. See below for details.

Full description


Deering’s new patent-pending Smile™ Banjo Bridge is created to fit into the natural curve created on a banjo head when under string tension. This relieves the stress found in a traditional bridge allowing the Smile™ Bridge to vibrate without constriction. The result is an instantly fuller and more expressive midrange, less constricted low end frequencies, and a wonderful balance across all strings. 


Accessory Type
Instrument Suitability
11/16" Radius, 5/8" Radius, 11/16", 5/8",
Number of Strings

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