Premium Workshop Set-up

All the instruments that we supply undergo stringent bench checks and undergo our Premium Workshop Set-up before they are put on sale or dispatched to our customers.

Our in-house workshop facility and set-up service to you is second to non. Our workshop staff have many combined years of experience in playing and setting up the instruments that we supply.

Our Premium Workshop Setup includes checks and adjustments by our specialist workshop technicians for:-

  • Cosmetic detail
  • Neck relief
  • Fret profiles
  • Playing action at the nut
  • Playing action at the 12th fret
  • Bridge position
  • Intonation
  • Tailpiece angle
  • Tuning and playability

We have added a few pictures to our gallery of specific set-up stages that are a must for getting the best out of your instrument in both playability, tone and volume.

Alan Hardwick heads our team of skilled workshop technicians

All instrument adjustment functions checked at the Premium set-up stage

Pick-ups fitted, checked or repaired in our on-site workshop

The correct tools / tooling is used for all workshop adjustments and set-up procedures

Neck relief and playing action adjustments at the Premium Workshop Set-up stage

Action at the bridge and bridge height checks and adjustments

Pick-up balance and volume checks on electric instruments

Fret level, fret rounding and polishing for optimum 'buzz free' playing action

Fret rounding and polishing for perfect playability

Nut filing to the correct width and depth for optimum 'buzz free' playing action at the first position on ukulele

Truss rod adjustment to give the correct neck relief and playing action

Coordinating rod adjustment when needed on banjos

Internal truss rod adjustment on guitars

Nut filing to the correct width and depth for optimum 'buzz free' playing action at the first position on guitars

Setting the correct positon of the bridge for correct scale length and intonation of instruments

Working of a guitar bridge to lower and set the correct playing action at the 12th fret.

Selected review

Mark Whitaker

by Mark Whitaker on 19/08/2019 16:51:00

A fantastic range of stock. I've visited the shop in the past and they've been very welcoming and happy for me to try instruments out. On this occasion I purchased online, and my instrument and case were delivered safely and very quickly. I sent a small follow-up question by e-mail and that was handled quickly and politely. Really couldn't ask for more.

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