Clareen Special 17 Fret Short Scale Tenor Banjo with ABS case

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17 fret short scale maple tenor banjo with bell brass arch-top tone ring, hand made in Galway, Ireland by Tom Cussen.

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The Clareen 'Special' is hand built in Galway Ireland by Tom Cussen.

It is an excellent Tenor banjo with a crisp clear tone. The two piece neck of well selected maple has a contrasting mahogany centre strip for stability and appearance. All the wood is finished in its natural colour as is the resonator and block maple rim.

The fingerboard is inlaid at the 1st, 3rd 7th, 10th, 15th & 17th frets with a mother of pearl dot markerand tasteful harps or shamrocks at the 5th and 12th frets. The peghead is inlaid with pearl dot and a Shamrock or harp to echo the fingerboard.

The unique Clareen tone-ring is of brass in an arch-top design.

All metal parts are of nickel plated brass. The steel tension hooks are also nickel plated. The banjo comes complete with a set of geared Schaller tuners & nickel plated arm-rest.


Clareen Special Brass Tone Ring
Maple Neck, Pot and Resonator
Carbon Fibre Non-adjustable Truss Rods embedded in Neck
Rosewood Finger Board and Peghead
Unique Harp or Shamrock Inlay on Finger Board and Peghead
Schaller Geared Tuners
Waverly Style Tailpiece


The maple neck is separated at the back by a strip of mahogany offering a unique appearance and extra stability. The neck is also re-enforced with two carbon fibre truss rods embedded inside. The neck is then protected with several layers of lacquer.
The Rosewood Peghead is inlaid with the Model name and a Shamrock or Harp. The Rosewood fingerboard is inlaid at the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 10th, 15th& 17th frets with a Mother of Pearl dot marker and tasteful Harps or Shamrocks at the 5th and 12th frets to echo the peghead.
The precision crafted Geared Tuners are sourced from Schaller in Germany and are made of brass and then nickel plated topped with White, Perloid buttons.


Well selected Maple is used for the resonator of the Special. It’s natural hue is allowed to shine through but it is protected with several layers of lacquer. There is a dark Tortoise binding around the edge of the resonator


Clareen Banjos manufactures all of it’s tone rings by hand in our workshop in Galway, Ireland. The Special Brass tone ring in an archtop style, offers a crisp, bright tone allowing your banjo to be heard alongside other instruments
Clareen Grooved Tension Band with mild steel tension hooks which are nickel plated
We use an excellent quality Waverly Style Tailpiece which is nickel plated. It has 5 “pillars” which can accommodate both ball end and loop end strings
Brass Nickel Plated Armrest
We use a smooth white banjo head with the Clareen logo for the Special. This can be changed if requested


Neck width at the nut: 30mm
Scale Length, Nut to Bridge: 19 fret – 23 inches, 585mm; 17 fret – 21 inches, 525mm
Resonator Diameter:335mm/ 13 1/8”
Overall Instrument Length:865mm/ 34”
Approximately Weight:3.8kg approximately

Supplied in a Clareen ABS Case


Banjo Type
4 String Banjo
Number of Strings
4 String


Pot Type


Number of Frets


Tuning Pegs
Rear facing planetary tuners


Chicago DGBE , Irish GDAE , Jazz CGDA ,


Right or Left Handed
Right Handed
Supplied with Case/Gig Bag
Hard Case
Manufacturers Warranty
3 Years
3 Years

Customer reviews

5 / 5
1 review for Clareen Special 17 Fret Short Scale Tenor Banjo with ABS case customer reviews
Charles Hoyle
Love it, what you would expect from Clareen, well made, sounds great, an excellent case to go with your precious banjo, and superb service from Eagle Music.
Rated 5 out of 5

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