Centerstream Celtic Cittern by Doc Rossi Book/CD

Code: HL00001460

Although the cittern has a history spanning 500 years and several countries, like its cousin the Irish bouzouki, it is a relative newcomer to contemporary traditional music. Doc Rossi, a well-known citternist in both traditional and early music, has created this book for intermediate to advanced players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. Guitarists can play all of the tunes in this book on the guitar by tuning C F C G C F, low to high, and putting a capo at the second fret. The lowest line in the tablature then corresponds to the fifth string. The CD features all the tunes played at a medium tempo.


Product Type
Book / DVD/ CD Type
Music Book
Instrument Suitability
Mandolin, Bouzouki, Cittern, Octave Mandola,
Region of Musical Origin
English, Irish, Scottish,
Number of Strings