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Ukulele Toolbox 1

Homespun Bob Brozman: The Ukulele Toolbox - DVD 1

Bob Brozman starts with the simplest chords and rhythmic strums but quickly brings the lesson into new territory with movable positions, picking patterns, harmonized scales and numerous other playing techniques that will inspire the beginner and intermediate player alike.

  • £19.95

Homespun Bob Brozman: The Ukulele Toolbox - DVD 2

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Bob Brozman continues his exploration of the ukulele with a treasure trove of instructional goodies, including a ragtime tune, jazz vamps, minor key progressions, melody and harmony, transposing and a plethora of other instruction that will improve the playing musicians at all levels.

  • £19.95
Blue Uke

Del Rey Blue Uke: Blues, Rags And Jazzy Tunes

We're in the midst of a ukulele renaissance and this wonderful little instrument's role has been expanding to include a wide variety of musical genres. In the hands of the amazing Del Rey it becomes a veritable blues and ragtime music machine! This informative and entertaining DVD will teach you a myriad of fingerpicking and chording techniques. Del takes a guitar player's approach to the instrument, using her three fingers to get a syncopated melody and harmony lines against a steady thumb beat. She teaches you how to play cool riffs, turnarounds, blues songs and up-beat dance tunes. Tuning her uke to open C (G-C-E-A), she starts off with blues scales and right hand exercises to coordinate your picking and fretting hands. Then it's right into five fabulous pieces in a variety of keys: Goin' Up the Country; Run and Tell Your Daddy, Lord; Keep it Clean; Dance Hall Shuffle and Brown's Blues.

  • £22.95

Kate Power/Steve Einhorn You Can Play The Uke! - DVD One (Start Strumming With The Ukalaliens)

This lesson by two of the ukulele's most enthusiastic proponents will get anyone started on this popular instrument - even those who have never played anything before! This friendly, joyful lesson teaches first chords, strumming patterns, and songs such as The More We Get Together, Home on the Range and You Are My Sunshine to beginning musicians. ONE HOUR • LEVEL 1 • INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB ON DISC

  • £17.95
Ukulele For Kids Vol 1 DVD

Marxer, Marcy Ukulele For Kids Vol 1 DVD

This excellent introduction to music covers finger coordination, ear training and basic theory. Attractive on-screen graphics illustrate fingering for the five basic chords taught here. 55 Mins. Includes booklet of lyrics, chords and progress chart.

  • £14.95
Ukulele For Kids Vol 2 DVD

Marxer, Marcy Ukulele For Kids Vol 2 DVD

Marcy and Ginger present five new chords and a variety of strumming techniques. On-screen chord charts, graphics and lyrics make understanding the chords, and learning to sing and play nine more great tunes, easy and fun.

  • £14.95
The Joy of Uke Vol 2 DVD

Beloff, Jim The Joy of Uke Vol 2 DVD

Moving beyond the basics.In this long-awaited follow-up to volume 1, Jim teaches chord shapes and progressions, complex strums and accompaniments to some of the most beloved songs in popular music history.

  • £22.95
The Joy of Uke Vol 1 DVD

Beloff, Jim The Joy of Uke Vol 1 DVD

A basic guide to playing ukulele. Here's a DVD for anyone who loves the Uke! It's instructional, entertaining and educational all at once.

  • £22.95
Ukulele Tunes & Techniques

Homespun Ukulele Tunes And Techniques

A fascinating DVD, presented by Ukulele expert Bob Brozman, covers a host of strums, rolls, triplets, and syncopated finger-pick patterns in styles that include Hawaiian, Blues and Jazz. Also features Hawaiian Ukulele master Ledward Kaapana teaching his own arrangements, and demonstrating his amazing fretboard virtuosity.

  • £22.95

Bay, W You Can Teach Yourself Ukulele DVD

William Bay teaches you all of the basics of playing the uke. You will learn to hold the uke and strum in different time signatures. You'll also learn to play 58 all-time great ukulele songs in the keys of C, G, D, F and Bb. Step-by-step instruction provides hours of fun and enjoyment. C tuning.

  • £10.95
Jumpin Jim

Homespun Jim Beloff: Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Workshop

Jumpin' Jim Beloff, who has done more than anyone for the worldwide resurgence in the uke's popularity, teaches a dozen timeless songs. His idea: novice and intermediate players will improve by playing these classics. 1 hour, 20 minutes.

  • £22.95
Ukes Down Under DVD

Litmus Films The Ukes Down Under DVD

See the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain as never before. A Documentary on 'The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's' first tour of Australia. 64 Mins DVD plus an 'Extras' DVD.

  • £20.00

DVD for ukulele, learn to play the uke with help from the experts.

A range of DVD's, CD ROM's for learning to play the ukulele, from beginners through to seasoned players there's a tutor dvd or cd that will help you improve your playing technique.


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