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Clearance Hering 5248 Deluxe Chromatic Key D

Deluxe 12 hole three octave Chromatic harmonica with an ergonomic cover plate which is brass with chrome coating. Featuring a translucent ABS body with high sealing capability and impact resistance. All Notes sound, windsavers may need attention, sold as seen. Key D only

  • £69.99

Clearance Hering Black Blues Key A

Quality crafted in Brazil. The super-airtight construction of these Hering diatonic 20 reed harmonicas is attributed to the extra-thick reed plates (1.07mm) that are recessed into a black ABS plastic body (comb), then assembled with 5 self-tapping screws, assuring a secure airtight assembly. Key A only. All notes play, sold as seen.

  • £14.99
Hering Chromatic 40

Clearance Hering 5140 Chromatic 40

  • (1)

40 reed chromatic harmonica, 2 1/2 octave in the key of 'C'. Supplied with Hering zip around case - image shows black plastic case. All notes sound, sold as seen.

  • £49.99
Hering See See Rider

Clearance Hering 5448 See See Rider 48

  • (1)

Clearance - The See See Rider Chromatic blues harmonica from Hering has a new tuning system intended for chromatization in the blues. The layout of the keys on the See See Rider is very similar to that of diatonic blues harmonicas. Available in the key of 'C' only. All notes sound. Windsavers may need attention. Sold as seen

  • £49.99

Suzuki PH20 Pipe Diatonic Harmonica

The only harmonica of its kind! The Suzuki Pipe harmonica gives you the ability to play vibrato easier than on a standard diatonic. Based on the excellent Suzuki MR350 Promaster. Available in C and G only. See below for more details.

  • £49.99

Clearance Hering 5256 'Ronald Da Gaita' 14 Hole Chromatic Harmonica

Stripped down sold as parts but can be rebuilt. Excellent 14 hole Chromatic harmonica. Ronald da Gaita (Ronald Silva)Signature model. All notes play, sold as seen.There is a crack in the comb that can be repaired. See images Supplied in a Hering zip around case.

  • £49.99

Clearance Tombo Band Deluxe Tremolo

Clearance - This Tombo harmonica is 'solo tuned' which means that all octaves are full. Available in a range of keys, it is an excellent choice for playing traditional tunes jigs, reels etc. All notes play fine, old stock, sold as seen. Available in C or A# only. Please use comments box to select which key when ordering.

  • £49.99
  • RRP £109.95
  • Save £59.96

Clearance Hering Opus 9148 Chromatic Harmonica

  • (1)

Clearance - The Opus 9148 Chromatic Harmonica is one of Hering’s flag ship harmonicas. Built to the exacting high standard we have now come to expect from this renowned harmonica manufacturer. Available in the key of C only.

  • £199.99
  • RRP £449.99
  • Save £250.00

Hering 5148 Chromatic in G - Repaired

The ‘modest’ Hering Chromatic with twelve rounded holes, three octaves and 48 reeds. The rounded holes make it easier for beginners to play single notes. It has a black ABS plastic body (comb) assuring a secure airtight assembly. Includes zip around case. Brand new Hering comb and reed plate assy fitted. Note, cover plate is stamped C but is actually G.

  • £74.99

Clearance Tombo Band 21 Tremolo Harmonica in G

Clearance - 42 hole, 21 note tremolo harmonica from Tombo (Makers of Lee Oskar harmonicas).Features a plastic comb,brass reeds, stainless steel covers. Supplied in a plastic case. All notes play, sold as seen. Available in G only

  • £24.99

Clearance Hering 5156 Stan Harper Chromatic 56

The Stan Harper 56 is a three octave, 14 hole instrument with 56 reeds. It has a sealed pearwood body (comb),with bolted plates assuring a secure and airtight assembly. The cover plates are highly polished and burr free. The brass reed plates are 1.200mm thick for extra strength and fltness, they are bolted to the hardwood comb. The cover plates, mouthpiece and slide assembly are chrome-plated to give a silky feel and extra durability. Includes plush carry case. Available in 'C'. Note - Hole labelled 3 blow note faulty due to small internal crack in comb. Can be repaired. Sold as seen

  • £49.99
  • RRP £179.99
  • Save £130.00

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