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Mi. da:za

North Cregg Mi. da:za

A dlightfully fresh and vibrant slant on traditional music with Cork/Kerry flavour. Driven by Christy Leahy's frantic button-accordion playing, with hints of swing and bluegrass.

  • £13.70
And They Danced All Night

North Cregg And They Danced All Night

Exhilarating Irish traditional folk music with hints of swing and bluegrass. Driven along by Chrisy Leahy's punchy button-box playing, but all 5 musicians are top class. The songs are good even if they don't quite fit alongside the tunes.

  • £13.70
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The Chieftains Chieftains 1

1964 - still fresh and lively. In more than twenty-five years playing, The Chieftains have brought Irish music to the farthest parts of the world. Their first album, the catalyst that inspired a complete new generation of traditional musicians.

  • £13.70
Chieftains  3

The Chieftains Chieftains 3

"Splendid." A mighty collection of music continuing the refreshingly innovative approach of The Chieftains. The arrangements are delightful, but they never intrude on the individual musician's prerogative to use his instrument freely and fully.

  • £13.70
Chieftains  4

The Chieftains Chieftains 4

"A mighty collection." Derek Bell's harp joins in for the first time. The outstanding tracks here include Seán Keane's solo interpretation of The Bucks Of Oranmore, Moloney's outstanding arrangement of The Battle Of Aughrim and The Morning Dew, one of their best known pieces.

  • £13.70
Chieftains  7

The Chieftains Chieftains 7

The band play their favourites. On this album, different members of the band contribute their own arrangements of favourite pieces. You'll find music from the distant past right beside the reels and jigs of contemporary Ireland.

  • £13.70
Chieftains  8

The Chieftains Chieftains 8

"Great musicians." The Chieftains propel us into a session of dance music, airs and descriptive pieces. The moods evoked vary between the joyous excitement of the reels and the emotional melancholy of the slow air. Good music played by great musicians.

  • £13.70
Chieftains  9

The Chieftains Chieftains 9

Matt Molloy makes his debut. As varied a selection of music as they've recorded, this is the first album on which the great Matt Molloy joins The Chieftains, and it includes two songs from Kevin Conneff.

  • £13.70
Chieftains 10

The Chieftains Chieftains 10

"Magic!" The Chieftains sound, which has taken the world by storm, remains absolutely fresh. Horizons are expanding with a French carol, some Manx pieces, a dance tune from America - and naturally there's plenty Of Irish music.

  • £13.70

The Chieftains Live

Uninhibited band & solos. Earlier records portrayed The Chieftains in their more serious studio guise, but the live atmosphere of the concert hall allows them to be completely uninhibited. Along with their exciting group playing, each Chieftain shows his individual virtuosity.

  • £13.70
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Reckless Pedestrians Delirious Cocktail

This Irish quintet combines sensitive folk rock, imprinted pop melodies and slick grooves together to form a truly refreshing musical cocktail. They demonstrate an astounding maturity and finesse with seductive vocal harmonies, tactful acoustic guitars…

  • £13.70
Live It Up

Reeltime Live It Up

Ireland's swinging new Celtic sensation, a lively and creative traditional-based 6-piece band. Excellent up-beat reels, lovely waltzes and tasteful songs.

  • £13.70
The General  (music from the soundtrack)

Richard Buckley The General (music from the soundtrack)

This is a powerful & evocative soundtrack that captures the atmosphere of the award-winning film. Richie Buckley is a renowned Irish saxophone player. Jazz, contemporary, rock and Irish traditional music influences. Features two songs by Van Morrison.

  • £13.70

Skirm & Dezi Donnelly Welcome

Live In Hamburg fiddle/songs. These two talented young musicians were recorded live in Hamburg. Skirm, not only a good singer but an excellent guitarist, teams up with Dezi, the All-Britain and All-Ireland fiddle champion.

  • £13.70
Light And Shade

Skylark Light And Shade

Fiddle,accordion,song,guitar. Another album from this immensely popular group, it combines enthralling dance music with song. Gerry O' Connor (fiddle), Len Graham (vocals, bodhran, spoons), Máirtín O'Connor (accordion) and Garry O Briain (guitar, mandocello, keyboards).

  • £13.70

Irish Group / Band music cds.


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