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William Jackson Inchcolm

William is a phenomenal player, composer and arranger. Traditional, spiritual, uplifting, this album features various gentle styles including a setting of Khalil Gibran. Some top-class accompaniment; flute, fiddle, 'cello, orchestra.

  • £12.68
Land Of Light

William Jackson Land Of Light

'Land Of Light' emerged favourite after a blind tasting by the judges, the winning entry in the popular Song For Scotland competition organised by the Herald. Gut strung clarsach, wire strand harp, whistle, flute, pipes, guitar, percussion & bass.

  • £9.74
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William Jackson The Ancient Harp Of Scotland

Traditional solo album by William Jackson, a great harp and clarsach player. He has been at the forefront of Scottish music for over 25 years. In 1976, he was a founding member of the top Scottish band Ossian.

  • £12.68
Celtic Harp: The Music Of O'Carolan

Various Celtic Harp: The Music Of O'Carolan

A Collection of beautiful Celtic harp pieces, written by the legendary Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan. Occasional accompaniment on violin, cello, guitar, flute and bodhran.

  • £12.72
Scottish Harps

Various Scottish Harps

An incredible array of the finest harping talent in Scotland...Savourna Stevenson, Wendy Stewart, Alison Kinnaird, Isobel Meiras, William Taylor, Karen Marshalsay, Ann & Charlie Heyman, and Fiona Davidson.

  • £11.70
About Time

Wendy Stewart About Time

Debut solo album from Ceolbeg's harp player. Traditional music, from a variety of traditions, forms the base-note of this excellent C.D. Wendy's admiration for Swedish and Paraguayan rhythms may be felt through some pieces.

  • £11.70
About Time 3

Wendy Stewart About Time 3

Second solo album from Ceolbeg's harpist - a mixture of tunes & songs with Wendy on gut-strung harp & electro-harp, plus accompaniment from Colin Matheson (guitar), Gary West (pipes, whistles) & Jim Walker (percussion).

  • £11.70
A Scottish Island

William Jackson A Scottish Island

William is joined on this album by Mairi MacInnes, Mae McKenna, John Martin, John McCusker, Iain MacInnes, Iain MacDonald, The Saltire String Quartet, Kelvin Winds, The Gardyne Chamber Ensemble & James McIntosh.

  • £12.68
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William Jackson Celtic Suites

An exceptional recording of Billy Jackson's compositions featuring top traditional and classical musicians playing his specially commissioned suite. Highlighting Jackson the composer.

  • £12.68
Scottish Harp

Alison Kinnaird Scottish Harp

The music on this CD has been arranged in a style which is not an antiquarian attempt to recreate the music as it might have sounded 200 years ago, but which reflects the living tradition of Scottish music.

  • £11.70
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Alison Kinnaird The Harp Key

Through the ringing strings and her vibrant voice, Alison breathes life and intent into the ballads and songs of centuries past.

  • £11.70
The Harper's Land

Alison Kinnaird & Ann Heymann The Harper's Land

A beautiful album that will appeal to the widest possible range of folk appreciators. Combining the sounds of the gut and the wire-strung harps Alison Kinnaird and Ann Heymann conjure up visions of the magnificent and peaceful scenery of Scotland.

  • £11.70
Queen Of Harps

Ann Heymann Queen Of Harps

Ann, from Minnesota, is recognised as the foremost exponent of the wire-strung harp in the world.

  • £11.70
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Bachue A Certain Smile

Corrina Hewat & Dave Milligan combine harp, voice, guitar and piano at the jazz end of folk. The jazz touch is light enough not to turn off folkies, but strong enough to turn normal sets of tunes into gems.

  • £12.68
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Bachue Cafe Bachue Cafe

Led by harp player Corrina Hewat - Young Tradition Award finalist. The music on this album is a joy. A fusion of many aspects of folk and jazz, with piano, guitar, fiddle, bass & percussion...A magical blend of the familiar and the exotic!

  • £11.70
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Binnorie Harp to Harp

Lorna Walker and Liz York are the harp duo Binnorie, taking the name from a border ballad about a ghostly harp. At last they have made a recording of some of the Scottish, Irish and English repertoire they have developed together.

  • £11.70
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Catriona McKay Catriona McKay

A wonderfully experimental album from Fiddler's Bid's harper. Traditional Shetland and Scottish tunes blend with new tunes in the traditions, woven through with gentle jazz swing. Double bass, fiddle and percussion add extra depth to the treatments.

  • £11.74
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Claire Hamilton Celtic Myths

An intriguing, fascinating and haunting album of harp music old and new in the celtic traditions. Some solo harp pieces, some with the rich voice of Irish-born singer Maggie Fitzsimmons; some across whose music Claire speaks the poetry.

  • £4.89
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Fiona Davidson Fonnsheen

Long established as one of the finest exponents of celtic harp and song, Fonnsheen is Fiona at her enchanting best with a collection of Scottish, Irish and Welsh tunes. Fiddle, pipes, whistle & flutes.

  • £11.70
The Language Of Birds

Fiona Davidson The Language Of Birds

The combined richness and power of spoken word, story, harp and mystery spring eternal through the seemingly effortless art of Fiona Davidson. "..entrancing pace and splendid delivery".

  • £11.70
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Keri Lynn The Devil's Mill

Scots/Irish harp & vocals. Celtic harp from Canada. Traditional songs with pipes, whistles, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy and gemshorn!

  • £12.68
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Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp Of Dreams

The album draws on Lori's deep love of celtic music with a stunning set of arrangements of traditional and modern compilations. Combining harps, flutes, percussion, medieval instruments and singing.

  • £11.70

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