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Deering Goodtime Concert Banjo Ukulele

  • (9)

The fabulous Deering Goodtime Ukulele Banjo in Concert Scale with solid three ply 11" violin maple tone rim giving it a sweet full rich tone. Please see below for specification details. Please see below for more details.

  • £349.00
  • RRP £419.00
  • Save £70.00

Ozark 2037 Ukulele Banjo with Padded GigBag

  • (4)

The Ozark 2037 ukulele banjo with resonator & chrome plated hardware. This uke has the Shoe-on rim construction & no-knot tailpiece. With Deluxe Padded GigBag.

  • £349.00
  • RRP £420.00
  • Save £71.00

Gold Tone Ukulele Banjo - BUS, BUC, BUT or BUB Closed Back

  • (3)

Four closed back models from Gold Tone are described and can be ordered here. (please use the drop down box to choose the model that you want to order) The Closed back Banjo Uke is an affordable alternative to the Gold Tone Banjolele series. Tuned GCEA for the concert or Tenor and DGBE for the Baritone, this model features a maple neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, geared tuners, a single adjustable coordinator rod, and Flat plate-style resonator. Aquila strings fitted as standard. Includes Gold Tone logo'd hard shell case.

  • £410.00

Ozark 2035 Ukulele Banjo with Padded Gigbag

  • (2)

This is a lovely little uke banjo that you just won't want to put down. It is proving popular with players who love it's aged finish and old-style look, as well as it's authentic tone.Please see below for more details.

  • £229.00
  • RRP £259.00
  • Save £30.00
Deering uke banjo resonator

Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele with Resonator

  • (1)

New 2015 Deering Product...The Big Daddy! now available from Eagle Music. The long awaited Deering Goodtime Ukulele banjo with Resonator. Built with a solid three ply 11" violin maple tone rim giving it a sweet full rich tone. Please see below for specification details. Please see below for more details.

  • £469.00
Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele

Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele

  • (1)

New for 2016, the Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele continues the success of its concert scale sibling. Developed in response to multiple requests from customers looking for the familiar 17” tenor scale ukulele length and warmer sound that so many players long for!

  • £429.00
  • RRP £499.00
  • Save £70.00
Ozark 2260WN Mandolele

Ozark 2260WN Mandolele (Mandolin with Ukulele tuning)

All Solid Ukulele tuned (GCEA) Mandolin body with a wider fingerboard. Known as a 'Hybrid' instrument and perfect if you play guitar or ukulele and want that mandolin sound. Also available as an Electro Acoustic. See options below.

  • From £594.99
  • RRP £661.00
  • Save £66.01
Gold Tone Banjolele

Gold Tone Open Back Banjolele

Combining quality uke craftsmanship with a banjo body, the Banjolele achieves more volume while keeping that distinctive uke sound.

  • £537.00
  • RRP £597.00
  • Save £60.00

Gold Tone Banjolele DLX

  • (1)

For playing in the Formby Style ...The Banjolele Deluxe from Gold Tone with pro quality features including ...Arch top rolled brass tone ring, maple resonator, ebony fingerboard. Now with 18 frets. Please see below for more details and the Gold Tone specification chart.

  • £666.00
  • RRP £740.00
  • Save £74.00

Countryman Dub 2

A Vintage style ukulele banjo with Remo Weather King "Fibreskyn" Head. Has 8" ply resonator back plate with cream binding. Easy to play, fully bound fingerboard with white dot markers, cream neck binding, black side dot position markers and antique hardware.

  • £229.99
  • RRP £249.99
  • Save £20.00

Davidson Birds Eye Ukulele Banjo **SOLD**

**SOLD** Designed and built by the Uk’s master luthier Phil Davidson. A superb ukulele banjo offering all the professional qualities that are inherent in all Davidson instruments. …Please see below for more details

  • £1,495.00

USED Vintage 1940's Banjo uke

Tidy and playable 1940's Formby style banjo ukulele. Features real vellum skin, detailed purfling strips around pot and resonator, friction tuning pegs, 10 bracket hooks, soprano scale length. Fitted with new Aquila Soprano banjo ukulele strings.

  • £249.99

Banjo ukulele models from Eagle Music Shop including the 2037 Gibson style model from Ozark, also Countryman, Deering, Gold Tone and Hohner banjo ukes.

Eagle supply a second to none range of banjo ukuleles froma range of banjo uke manufacturers. Whatever your playing style or music preference we guarantee you specialist banjo ukulele advice to help you choose the right model for you.


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