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Flute & Whistle buying guide

Flute & Whistle buying guide

Flutes and Whistles by George Ormiston, Desi Seery, Dixon, Brian Howard Low Whistles, Chieftain, Generation, Shaw Whistles, Clarke’s, Susato. Our choice of woodwind instruments at Eagle Music Shop is second to none and probably the finest in the UK.

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A great range of flutes and whistles by Generation, Clarke’s, Shaw, Chieftain,Tony Dixon, Glenuce, Barnes & Mullins, Brian Howard are all Explained by the Eagle Music woodwind specialists.

Our choice of woodwind instruments at Eagle Music Shop is second to none and probably the finest in the UK, we offer an excellent range of flutes and whistles from some of the world's most respected makers.

Many of the greatest flute players started out by learning to play the modest Generation or Feadog type ‘D’ tin whistle. It is one of the most compact and easy to learn instruments. Here at Eagle Music Shop we carry a superb range of other whistles including Susato high whistles and low whistles from the USA, Chieftain high and low whistles, Clarke’s and Shaw conical tin whistles, Clarke’s Sweetone and other simple models from Waltons. Low whistles have become very popular over the past couple of years or so and we offer hand made whistles from Brian Howard and the world-class range of Tony Dixon and Chieftain high and low aluminium alloy whistles that are chosen by many professionals.

Within our range of flutes there is a model for all levels of player. From the simple system 'D' practice flutes by Dixon to hand-made silver keyed models hand built in Scotland by George Ormiston. We carry many tin whistle tuition, flute tuition and tune books.

DVDs are also available from Eagle Music Shop giving you a one-to-one lesson with some of the worlds greatest tin whistle players. Also please check out our fabulous range of exclusive’ Extreme Protection’ gig bags and cases custom designed for flute and whistle.


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