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Huber Banjos at Eagle Music Shop, the next leap forward in five string banjo innovation.

Huber Banjos have been regarded as the finest new banjos on the market since they were introduced ten years ago. Top touring professionals like Sammy Shelor, Ron Block, Jason Burleson and many others depend on their Hubers to deliver for them day in and day out. 

After more than two years of research and development, the Huber Truetone has solved the prewar puzzle. That sound, feel and crystal-clear tone associated with the most sought-after pre war flatheads is now within the reach of the average banjo player. 

The Truetone project got off the ground with Steve Huber, noted banjoist, unrivaled banjo innovator/builder, and noted authority on pre war flatheads. Steve’s research into the alloy used in pre war flathead banjos brought his Vintage Flathead tone ring to market, and revitalized the interest in pre war banjo replication that is in full flower today. Once his banjo building operation was humming along, and he had more time to ponder intangibles, his mind turned to the question of why certain pre war banjos stood out above others - the best of the best, if you will.

Huber enlisted the help of Dr. Jim Rae (Doc Rae, as he is known), a recently-retired research scientist at Mayo Clinic, who brought to the table his 40 plus years of clinical experience and the banjo measurement apparatus he designed for this purpose.

Together, they analyzed the internal vibrations and emitted sound properties of 14 exceptional pre war flatheads, and set to work determining how to use this extensive research to design a tone ring and rim that would mimic these prewar vibratory properties.

Their analysis showed that Huber’s tone ring alloy was dead-on, so we began to examine a variety of methods and processes, searching
for a result that would replicate the pre war spec Doc Rae had discovered.

Dozens of test pours were made, with each set of castings carefully analyzed and compared our pre war standard. After months of testing, it was discovered that an older, and far more costly casting method was required to achieve these characteristics.

As important as the tone ring is to a banjo’s sound, the rim is the
foundation on which it rests. What our testing revealed is that not just any piece of wood is capable of delivering the rich tone and quick response associated with pre war banjos. Doc Rae discovered the properties that are required for a great rim, and we grade and process our wood with particular care to match his profile.

Just as guitar, mandolin and violin makers choose only the finest wood for their instruments, we select only wood that fits our prewar spec for the Huber Engineered Rim. This results in a lot of waste, but gets us the optimum in tone


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