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Eagle Music Shop is the right place if you are looking for a top quality Deering Banjo, we are the official worldwide Number One Dealer, nobody knows them better

Deering Banjo Company

A Deering will offer you the most enjoyable and rewarding playing and superior sound. Deering banjos are known for their comfortable necks which are fast and easy to play. You get the most banjo for your money when you purchase a Deering and we back it up with a lifetime warranty and a banjo maintenance manual.

The Deering Banjo Co. are a family owned business with a sincere dedication to the finest quality products and service. Your satisfaction is their highest priority. Eagle Music Shop are also a family owned business with the same commitment. We are an "International Premier Dealership" for Deering banjos. We are Deering banjo specialists and endeavour to provide you with the very best service and back up for what we consider to be the finest made American banjos.

The Deering banjo line consists of regular production models and custom banjos that are made by Greg Deering and a team of highly skilled craftsmen. If you want a custom banjo or a custom feature not listed on the custom options list then we will need to order it direct from the factory and have it made in their custom shop for you.

After more than thirty years in the banjo business, and having produced thousands of instruments, Deering are still personally involved in making the instruments. They never lose sight of the fact that banjos are meant to be played and that it will be your pride and joy.

Not all banjos sound alike. Deering build a variety of that will meet the different needs of players. At Eagle Music Shop we recommend that you try several different models, including the Boston models with steel rims, the Sierra, Deluxe, Black Diamond, Maple Blossom, Golden Classic & Golden Era with the pre-war design, The Calico & Golden Wreath, the Ivanoe and the beautiful Greg Deering Limited all with the superb bell bronze tone-rings, and of course not forgetting the John Hartford banjo with the unique Grenadillo wood tone-ring. Further up the line are the ornate super deluxe models with Jens Kruger tone-rings. The Texas, the Banjosaurus and the incredible Gabriella. If you need on-stage power and volume don't forget the world beating Crossfire electric banjos. You'll find that Deering means playability and quality, and a variety of excellent tones.

We hope that you will choose a purchase your instrument from Eagle Music Shop and gain a lifetime of satisfaction in owning the finest American built banjo.


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