Black Mountain Slide


A new invention that takes SLIDE GUITAR to the next level!

Traditional slides come in many different sizes.

Finding a slide that fits can be time consuming and expensive.

The Black Mountain Slide is a PATENT-PENDING INVENTION that adapts to your finger

Perfect fit, every time!

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The Black Mountain slide is a nickel-plated, full-sized slide that has a spring-arm attachment. It universally adapts to different finger sizes and does the work of securing the slide to your finger.

Traditional slides come in many different sizes and players go to great lengths to find a perfect fit. The Black Mountain slide is engineered to adapt to your individual finger.

Because the slide fits so well, this allows your hand to relax and you don't need to worry about the slide swimming around while you play. The result is less tension in your hand.

The slide has an ultra-smooth surface finish and contains enough mass to have a great tone without sacrificing agility.  


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