Black Diamond Light Gauge N600L 'Ball Ended' Phosphor Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings

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A Set of six ball ended acoustic guitar strings Made in The USA with a phosphor bronze wound 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Strings: 12, 16, 24w, 32w, 42, 53

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Corrosion Proof Packaging: This highest-quality set of acoustic guitar strings comes in its own sealed individual poly envelope. Within the envelope are six strings individually sealed in their own polythene packets. This corrosion inhibiting packaging is produced with a special lining of molecules that protect each string from premature oxidisation. In short, every Black Diamond string you open is as fresh as the day it was made, regardless of when it was made.
Celebrating 100 Years of tradition Made in The USA ‘ Unequalled in Tone and Strength’. Here is Black Diamond's mission Statement:-

Black Diamond is a small custom shop located in Sarasota, Florida. We are musicians making strings for musicians.
The strings we make are of the highest quality and are unlike any other brand on the market. Try a set today and you too will discover that our strings are unequalled in both tone and strength.

Just like people, the integrity of a quality string is found on the inside -- at the core! In our small custom shop in Sarasota, Florida, we produce high-end boutique strings for every fretted instrument that are unequalled in both tone and strength. Our secret is in the core. We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension, producing a string that opens up smoother and holds its tone longer. The core is the pulse of the string. It’s the heartbeat.
We also make a series of black coated strings whose coated winding protects the strings from hand oils and environmental decay. Combine that protection with the integrity of our core and you have the longest lasting string available.

Black Diamond Strings has a rich heritage. Since 1890, Black Diamond has been making instruments sound their very best. Just ask your older brother, your uncle, your father, or even your grandparents. Chances are they played Black Diamond and can tell you some great stories about our strings. It’s
a fact, if there’s music in the roots of your family tree, chances are there’s a Black Diamond story resting in the branches. We get calls weekly from folks who discovered a vintage set in their dad’s old guitar case. They’re looking for that same set. They want to carry on the tradition.
A lot has changed in string manufacturing since then. Today, we have sophisticated winders, stronger materials, and greater technology to utilize. But yes, we are the same brand that played a big part in the lives of prior generations, and we are glad to be a big part of yours. You should keep a couple of sets in your case so your family will know you only use the best.


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2 reviews for Black Diamond Light Gauge N600L 'Ball Ended' Phosphor Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings customer reviews
Graham Bellinger
I have been very pleased with these strings on all four of my guitars.
Rated 5 out of 5
Graham Bellinger
Nice strings, good price
Rated 5 out of 5