Bay, W Deluxe Guitar Chord Encyclopedia CASE SIZE EDITION

Code: MLB21638

A case size edition of Mel Bay's best-selling Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chords.- Chord forms uniquely broken into melody forms, inside forms, rhythm guitar forms, and bottom four-string chord forms. Thousands of great-sounding guitar chords presented.- Each diagram shows notes in the chord, fingering, and essential chord tones on the bottom and top note of the chord form. Chords are shown in every key.- Chord forms include major, minor, diminished, augmented, seventh, minor seventh, seventh augmented fifth, seventh flat fifth, major seventh, major seventh flat third, major seventh flat fifth, suspended fourth, seventh suspended fourth, sixth, minor sixth,ninth, minor ninth, major ninth, ninth sharp fifth, ninth flat fifth, seventh flat nine, seventh sharp nine, sixth add nine, eleventh, augmented eleventh, thirteenth, thirteenth flat nine, thirteenth flat nine flat five.


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