Battle Plan Ammo Clip 'HB52' Harmonica Microphone Holder

Battle Plan

Hohner's new Harp Blaster HB52 mic has arrived and so too has this specially designed Ammo Clip. Don't risk your precious new Hohner HB52 mic getting damaged in a fall. Keep it safe, handy and secure on your mic stand and also easily accessible when needed. Available in white, other colours available.

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Suitable for...

  • The Hohner Harp Blaster  - HB52 from Hohner and SE electronics

Supplied with a threaded stand attachment with a moulded 3/8" thread and a metal 5/8" adapter, so it is ready to use right away.


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Pickups & Transducers
Instrument Suitability
Number of Strings
5 String