Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel in Tobacco Sunburst with Deluxe Asher Gig Bag

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One of the best and most popular lap steels on the market. The Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel Guitar is perfect for any player looking to venture into modern or traditional lap steel. The Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior offers quality tone woods and solid construction with impressive resonance and sustain. Supplied with a high-quality gig bag.

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  • Great cross over instrument for guitar, Dobro and Weissenborn players
  • Improved electronics, tuners, and flat-radius wrap-around bridge design
  • 24 fret lines for access to the 3rd octave
  • Improved gig bag with heavy duty zippers
  • Manufactured overseas

More information about the Junior

The Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel just keeps getting better.  This time around Asher made some small, but pretty choice updates to make your playing experience all the better. 

  Designed in California and prototyped by master luthier Bill Asher, the Junior has a neck-through solid mahogany body with a 25" scale length and 24 fret lines. This new version has a beautiful Indian rosewood fretboard, custom Alnico 5 pickup set and upgraded Wilkinson tuners.

   Known for its solid construction and quality components, the use of lighter-weight African mahogany with its neck-through-body construction provides the optimal foundation for creating an impressive resonance and tonal range. Powered by custom wound Alnico 5 pickups, this lap steel produces a powerful tone and response with impressive depth and clarity. The wrap-around aluminum bridge with flat radius gives optimal body contact, and thus enhanced sustain.

    The Junior’s slightly wider string spacing allows for effortless playability making it a great cross-over instrument for guitar, Dobro and Weissenborn players.  Designed with 24 frets, players have easy access to the 3rd octave allowing for expansive creative and tonal range.  The USA made low-friction nut by Graphtech, upgraded tuners and a reliable padded gig bag with heavy duty zippers are other details that make the Jr. anything but inferior.

    Played by the professionals, this work-horse lap steel is available in 3 enticing colours from Eaglemusic (tobacco burst, trans cherry and Lake Placid blue).  The Junior performs up to the standards of the Pros! Professional artists including Robert Randolph, Emily Robison (Dixie Chicks), Bruce Bouton (Garth Brooks), Mike Johnson (Reba MacEntire), and many other artists and gigging musicians use the Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior to add depth and musicality to their work.

  The Jr. is suitable for any musical genre including blues, rock, folk, jazz, country, Hawaiian, etc. and also used for many applications including studio recording, live performance, large venue concerts, soundtracks, commercial work and most predominantly for pleasure at home.

“Built to my high standards for performance, road-worthy durability, the Junior is sure to impress you with its musical voice and professional feel. “   

- Bill Asher

Note...for C6 tuning, you will need a set of strings that are DIFFERENT than what the standard string set is. This lap steel is set up with medium heavy nickel round wound .015-.058. For C6 tuning, you will need  .014 .018 .022 .028 .034 .040 or something similar.


Guitar Type
Lap Steel
Number of Strings
6 String


Body Shape
Lap Steel
Build Type
All Solid
Instrument Top
Back & Sides
Aluminium wraparound


Neck to Body
12 Fret
Neck Material
Indian Rosewood
Nut Material
Tusq by Graphtech
Nut Width
1 3/4" (44.5mm)
Scale Length
25" (635mm)


Headstock Type
Tuning Pegs
Wilkinson Deluxe
Tuner Buttons


Electro Acoustic Model
Pickup Type
Twin Alnico humbuckers


Tobacco Sunburst


Right or Left Handed
Right Handed
Open D Guitar DADF#AD
Supplied with Case/Gig Bag
Gig Bag

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Andrea De Luca playing an Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel.

Customer reviews

4.5 / 5
2 reviews for Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel in Tobacco Sunburst with Deluxe Asher Gig Bag customer reviews
john kaliski
A little disappointed with the quality of the machine heads but otherwise excellent.
Rated 4 out of 5
Christopher Glandfield
I make my living as a working musician & writer. I shall use my Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior for gigs and recording. I took it to a top luthier - Nick B - for an informed technical appraisal and he suggested that I shouldn't change a thing - not even a capacitor tweak!
Rated 5 out of 5

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