Centerstream ASAP Irish Mandolin : Learn How to Play the Irish Way Book/CD

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Designed for Mandolin players who want to improve their technique quickly, Doc Rossi's ASAP Irish Mandolin contains a series of tunes that will help you to master the style whilst expanding your repertoire.

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Starting with the basics of ornamentation in traditional Irish music, Rossi then goes directly into the tunes, in tablature and standard notation. Right-hand and left-hand techniques, ornamentation and other topics are taught through the songs themselves.

ASAP Irish Mandolin comes complete with a CD, containing audio of all of the featured tunes and ornaments.

This book is also suitable for Tenor Banjo, Octave Mandolin, or any other instrument tuned in fifths.Contents :

Dan Coakley's Polka
Farewell To Whisky
Dennis Murphy's Polka
Sean Ryan's Polka
Miss Murphy
King Of The Fairies
Chief O Neill's Favourite
The Rights Of Man
Saddle The Pony
Tripping Up The Stairs
Haste To The Wedding
Gallagher's Frolics
The Irish Washerwoman
The Kesh Jig
The Humours Of Whisky
Drowsy Maggie
The Banshee
Cooley's Reel
The Star Of Munster
The Maid Behind The Bar


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