Artec Vintage Chorus Pedal SE-VCH


From the brilliant ‘Artec’ company...This electro/acoustic instrument chorus Pedal is suitable for use with any instrument that is fitted with an electric guitar type pick-up, electro transducer or piezzo pick-up. The Artec SE-VCH has ultimate control with three Pot's for adjusting the speed, depth and the Mix. This unit had digital circuitry that produces the vintage 'analog sound' Also with its wide input range and high impedence it can be used with many kinds of musical instruments. Because of low noise and high output, it can be controlled with a wide range of input signals. Takes a PP3 9 volt battery, but can be powered by a separate DC 9 volt power supply (not included) Please see below for more details

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The quality sturdy metal casing has an underside rubber pad for 'non slip' floor use.

You can make adjustments to the speed and depth of the chorus and also mix the two settings of the chorus on the SE-VCH

The SE-VCH also has a 'Bypass' footswitch that when pressed, puts the signal from your instrument to your amplifier without any of the chorus effects and volume adjustments.

When switched on and using  the chorus effect, it also has a slight volume boost, which is useful for solos.

    • Power Supply: DC 9 Volt (Not Included)
    • Case Dimensions: 70(w) x 115.5(h) x 34(d) (mm)


Product Type
accessory, accessories, parts,
Accessory Type
Effects Pedals & Foot-switches
Instrument Suitability
Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin,
Number of Strings
6 String
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4 / 5
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Paul Rogers
I use this to boost and distinguish solos with an electro-acoustic guitar. The pedal is sturdy but the effect is limited and creates a "vibrato" rather than "chorus" effect.
Rated 4 out of 5