Aquila Low G Ukulele individual string

Replace your high G string with a Low G to give you a different sound from your ukulele. By tuning the top G-string down an octave, you add five additional notes to the bottom of the ukulele’s range of pitch. This produces a fuller, deeper sound to the ukulele. Available for Concert and Tenor only.

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In standard ukulele tuning, the top g-string of the ukulele is tuned higher than the middle two strings of the ukulele. More specifically, the top g-string is tuned to the “G” note above middle-C on a piano 

In low G tuning, all of the strings stay tuned the same except the top g-string is tuned down an octave to the “G” note below middle-C


Number of Strings
4 String
Instrument Suitability

Re-organize and/or remove

Soprano, Concert, Tenor,

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