Aquila 16B 5 String Banjo Historical Synthetic DBGCG

Code: 16B

'Historical’ set: this is the exact reconstruction of the set-up described by S.S. Stewart in his “Observations on the Banjo and Banjo Playing” published in 1892, and it consists of gut strings with a fourth wound string on real silk core.

As an alternative, we offer the HS Set which is its synthetic version composed of Nylgut with a fourth silver-plated copper wound string on a synthetic silk core.

Full description


The Banjo SH Set is the synthetic Nylgut version of our Historical set. The wound string has a synthetic multifilament core.

String diameters, expressed in mm, are as follows:

D: .48 mm; B: .58 mm; G: .73 mm; C: .62 mm silver-plated copper on synthetic multifilament (Rayon); G: .48 mm


Number of Strings
5 String
Instrument Suitability
5 String Banjo