Aly Bain 50 Fiddle Solos Book/CD

Code: DAM75128

Suitable for all melody instruments. A great selection of tunes by the world’s renowned Shetland fiddler. The CD contains all the tunes in the book played by Aly Bain with full accompaniment by Phil Cunningham on Piano Accordion. 46 Pages.

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 Contents :

Annie Laurie
Cameron Men's Polka No.1
Cameron Men's Polka No.2
Crossing The Minch
Da Aald Hill Grind
Da Back Reel
Da Bonnie Lass O Bekkahill
Da Full Rigged Ship
Da Galley Witch
Da Lerwick Lasses
Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland
Da New Rigged Ship
Da Scallowa Lasses
Dean Brig Of Edinburgh
Deil Among The Tailors
Faery Reel
Fairy Dance
Forbes Leith
Fram Apon Him
Heave And Go
Herr Roloff's Farewell
If I Get A Bonnie Lass
Jeannie Shoked The Bairn
La Grande Chaine
Lay Dee At Dee
Louis Waltz
Maid Behind The Bar
Maid In A Box
Maple Sugar
Miss Spence's Reel
Mrs Jameson's Favourite
Munster Grass
Music Of Spey
Oo't Be East The Vong
Princess Beatrice
The Balkan Hills
The Flowers Of Edinburgh
The Galway Hornpipe
The Hawk
The High Level Hornpipe
The Laird Of Drumblair
The Liverpool Hornpipe
The Newly-wed's Reel
The Pirate
The Scholar
The Trumpet Hornpipe
Waiting For The Federals


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