Golden Gate Rounded Old-Timey Hook and Nut Set, Set of 24


A round, nickel-plated steel hook, 2 5/8" long with 1" of thread. Supplied with 9/32 hex nut. Perfect for old-timey banjos. See below for detailed dimensions

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Nickel-plated brass reissue banjo bracket hook and nut set fits most vintage and modern banjos

Old-timey, round hook style with 2 5/8" shaft length and 1" of thread 


  • Overall length of hook: 62.5mm(2.463")
  • Length of thread on tension hook: 26mm(1.030")
  • Diameter of hook: 3.8 mm (0.153")
  • The length of the tension hook from the underside of the hooked section to the end of the thread is 39mm (1.535")
  • Length of nut: 16 mm (0.630")


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accessory, accessories, parts,
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Bracket Keys, Nuts & Hooks
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