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This collection of 40 folk-tunes is intended for young guitarists in the early stages of learning the instrument. The majority are pentatonic or modal making them easy to hear and sing apart from their modest technical demands.

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The 16 rounds have numbers indicating the number of players and, besides lending themselves to group playing or playing with a teacher, they are a fine way to develop musical skills such as holding a steady pulse and being able to focus on one's own line while simultaneously hearing it played by others.

I have edited this collection assuming the player will use tirando or free-stroke because it is so important in establishing a stable right hand position, an awareness of the placement of pima over the top four strings, and to learn when to damp unwanted bass notes at cadences. The rests following open D's in the early pieces are to remind the player to plant the thumb back to support the hand. Later, in numbers 12 and 13 for example, the thumb can plant with the required fingers at the beginning of each phrase. There is no reason given a teacher's preference or wish to experiment with both apoyando and tirando strokes why many of these tunes cannot be played with a combination of techniques. It is only with free stroke however that the player will begin to hear the harmonic structure of the music when the guitar asserts itself as a solo instrument.

The pieces are progressive in technical demands, beginning with thumb only and fretting the inner strings then gradually expanding outwards from the G pentatonic scale adding new notes, rhythms and accidentals.


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