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J H Sedlon Sedlon Accordion Method Book 1A

This method, which can be used for any size of instrument, from 12 to 120 bass takes the student rapidly through the fundamentals in a manner to establish self-confidence from the first lesson. This book presents a new and scientifically correct program for mastering finger technique, enabling the accordionist to acquire the brilliant technique of the professional player far more rapidly than by indiscriminate and haphazard practice. Included also is a neasily understood course in Keyboard Harmony and its adaptation in harmonizing melodies and playing effectively from piano and violon music. Finally, this method contains a series of carefully graded and edited solos embracing all forms of music from Swing-Boogie to the Classics.

  • £6.50

Wise Publications Absolute Beginners Accordion

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Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing along with a backing track!. Absolute Beginners has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you play your Accordion.

  • £8.95

Mel Bay A Tune A Day - Accordion

C. Paul Herfurth and Alfred Mayer. A first book which concentrates on the acquisition of a thorough musical background and a solid foundation in good accordion playing.

  • £5.95
The Mighty Accordion

David DiGiuseppe The Mighty Accordion Book/CD

The Mighty Accordion is a truly unique and much-needed guide to playing the bass side of the accordion. A comprehensive collection of progressive exercises guide the student in learning and mastering bass/chord patterns.

  • £22.00
Chord Melody Method for Accordion

Dahl, Gary Chord Melody Method for Accordion Book/CD

The Chord Melody Method for Accordion is a breakthrough course that will teach you to quickly learn all of the chords used in today's music and to apply their harmonic applications professionally to any lead sheet. CD included.

  • £13.95
First Lessons Accordion bk/cd

Gary Dahl First Lessons Accordion bk/cd

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This book is designed for the person who may know nothing about music and has had no previous piano accordion training. Included with this book is an instructional recording that will motivate and guide the beginner student from basic accordion lessons to quickly playing enjoyable adult songs such as Scarborough Fair and Ode to Joy.</p>

  • £5.99

Griffin, N Easiest Accordion Book

Using just six bass notes and six major chords, this book is written specifically for the beginners traditional "12-bass accordion," but the pieces can also be played on more elaborate instruments. After just one page of technical notes, this book offers 27 easy solos.

  • £4.99

MacKenzie, D Buttons and Keys Vol 1

A new approach with lively material and illustrations. This book takes you from first steps to such favourites as 'Mrs.Macleod' and 'The Rowan Tree'.

  • £7.95

MacKenzie, D Buttons and Keys Vol 2

Follow-on from volume 1 or use as a general tune book. Includes lots of tunes to play at ceilidhs such as Margaret's Waltz, Athol Highlanders etc in accordion settings

  • £7.95
Accordion Method

Zucco, F Deluxe Accordion Method

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Based on 50 years of teaching and performing on the accordion, Mr. Zucco has provided us with a complete and thorough accordion method for children.

  • £8.95

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