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paige clik guitar

Paige Paige 'Clik' Guitar Capo

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With all the features of the ‘original’ Paige Capo, the Paige ‘Clik’ Guitar Capo goes a step further in it’s speed of use and precision adjustment. You just press the ‘Clik’ button to quickly close the capo, then finally adjust the screw to set a perfect tension to hold down your strings. Press the ‘Clik’ button to quickly release the capo and slide to a new position. Please see below for more details

  • £14.99
Shubb C1

Shubb C1 Acoustic Guitar Steel String Capo

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Shubb C1 Original Shubb Capo. Suitable for most steel strung acoustic guitars. The effective bar length is 2" with a slightly curved profile. Since 1980 the Shubb capo has set the standard against which all others must be measured. It is the first choice ... often the only choice... of more than a million musicians worldwide. The serious guitarist will settle for no less. It is available in nickel or brass.

  • £14.99
Deluxe Acoustic Steel String Guitar Capo

Shubb S1 Deluxe Acoustic Steel String Guitar Capo

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Shubb S1 Deluxe Capo. Designed to last forever. Precision made from stainless steel. This capo has a unique roller that replaces the the nylon slider that is normally found on shubb capos providing an ultimately smooth operation.

  • £19.99
  • RRP £22.99
  • Save £3.00
paige guitar capo

Paige 6 String Guitar Capo

Timeless in it's design the Paige 6 String Capo is widely regarded as the industry standard for many guitar players.

  • £12.99
Performance 2

G7th Performance 2 Acoustic Guitar Capo

Easy one-handed adjustment. The Performance 2 is so easy to use - simply squeeze on and squeeze off. It can be moved seamlessly from fret to fret, or guitar to guitar.

  • £29.95
Capo Sleeve

Shubb Capo Sleeve

  • (1)

Simply cut to length and slide onto the capo to replace a worn-out rubber sleeve.

  • £1.50
shubb dobro capo

Shubb Dobro Capo C6b

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Capo for Dobro and other guitars set up with a high nut to play with a bar, or 'Hawaiian' style. The classic original design Shubb Dobro Capo in polished brass. There are few dobro capos on the market ...the Shubb is the professionals choice that has stood the test of time. Reliable sturdy construction with precision adjustment. If your string action is at least 3/8" (9.52mm) too high to fret with your fingers, and you play with a bar ...this is the right capo. Use on Dobro, Resophonic, Resonator, or Square Neck Guitar if your action is at least 3/8" (9.52mm) Some used to call high action guitars 'Hound Dog' Guitars! Please See below for more details.

  • £32.99
  • RRP £36.99
  • Save £4.00
marshll key ring capo in use

Marshall Key Ring Guitar Capo by Marshall

A nifty little capo to carry on your key ring, always ready for use. Great in use when playing your guitar set at volume eleven! Has a metal clip to remove it from your key ring. Works similar to a toggle capo, has a rubber pad for contact with your strings, hard black ABS brace and velcro adjustable strap. Has the legendary name 'Marshall' in white. Slightly curved, will work on electric and acoustic guitars.

  • £7.49
Shubb C3

Shubb C3 12 String Capo

Standard Shubb Capo in polished nickel finish. Suitable for most steel strung 12 string acoustic guitars. The effective bar length is 21/4" with a slightly curved profile.

  • £14.99
Shubb c2

Shubb C2 Nylon String Guitar Capo

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Standard Shubb Capo in polished nickel or brass finish. Shubb C2 Suitable for most nylon strung classical guitars. The effective bar length is 21/4" with a flat profile.

  • £14.99
6 String Acoustic Capo

Kyser 6 String Acoustic Capo - Black

The original 'one-handed' quick change capo. Fits perfect to the necks of most acoustic guitars. Easily re-positioned between frets using just one hand, or to 'park' on the headstock when not in use. Black Finish.

  • £19.99
dunlop 11 capo

Jim Dunlop The 'Jimmy' 11C & 11F Guitar Capo

The original ...Best quality from Jim Dunlop USA. The 11C and 11F 'toggle' action capo. The 11C is for standard CURVED guitar fingerboards and the 11F is for use on guitars with FLAT fingerboards eg. classical. Please Choose capo model for flat or curved fingerboards with the drop down box.

  • £5.75
  • RRP £6.29
  • Save £0.54

Dunlop 70F Elastic Guitar Capo

These convenient, light capos are simple to use. They adjust to 3 holes for 3 different tensions. The strong elastic slides without having to be unfastened. For classic guitar, flat fretboards only.

  • £3.50
Victor Capo DCV.50C

Jim Dunlop Victor Capo DCV.50C

A super new precision capo from Dunlop. The solid bronze Victor capo delivers a 'buzz-free' locking grip. The fast- action worm gear is adjusted via a knurled thumb dial that you can vary for precise pressure on the strings.The locking arm has a layer of resilient neoprene to protect the finish on your guitar, also enables even string pressure. The sleek and rugged design enables easy repositioning and is inobrusive while playing.

  • £21.99
Classical Capo

Kyser Classical Capo

The longer 'clamp' finger on this capo is designed to suit most nylon strung classical guitars.

  • £19.99
Dunlop Capo Convertor

Dunlop Capo/Slide Convertor

Raises string height to allow buzz-free sliding. Converts any guitar for slide playing. Also works as a standard capo.

  • £29.99
Electric Guitar Capo

Kyser Electric Guitar Capo

Designed and engineered for the narrower necks and lighter gauge strings of electric guitars, this model provides the same player-friendly features of the standard quick-change model, but exerts less spring tension.

  • £19.99
Drop 'D' Capo

Kyser Drop 'D' Capo

Drop 'D' Guitar 6-String Acoustic for use when you want to leave your bottom 6th string open (unclamped) and then capo the remaining five strings at the fret of your choice.

  • £19.99
12 String Capo

Kyser 12 String Capo

This capo has the precision and power to clamp all 12 strings maintaining tuning without 'string bend.'

  • £19.99
Shubb C4

Shubb C4 7.25" Radius Guitar Capo

Fits certain vintage electrics, but most electric guitars do NOT have this extreme radius. For standard electric guitar choose the Shubb C1/S1 model.

  • £14.99

Shubb Special Partial Capo C7B

Suitable for most steel strung acoustic guitars. The effective bar length is 11/2" with a slightly curved profile. Skips the bass strings and capos the 5th , 4th and 3rd strings.

  • £15.99

Guitar capos from top makes including Shubb, Kyser, G7th, Jim Dunlop and more.

Eagle Music Shop stock a wide range of capos for guitar with a choice of quality manufacturers. There are numerous styles of capos which vary in quality and price. We have models for classic, 6 string acoustic and 12 string guitars.



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