5 String Banjo Strings

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D'Addario EJ69 Phosphor Bronze Light 5 String Banjo- Loop Ended

  • (6)

D'Addario EJ69 Banjo strnigs are made from plain steel and offer a Phosphor Bronze wound 4th string. Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D'Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm acoustic tone.

  • £5.20
  • RRP £5.90
  • Save £0.70

J D Crowe PF140 light Gauge Signature Set

  • (2)

a set of five stainless steel, loop ended banjo strings in the following gauges 9.5, 11, 12, 20w wound, 9.5 This is the Signature studio set as endorsed by J D Crowe

  • £5.99
aquila banjo strings

Aquila Classic Banjo Strings

A set of 5 strings for standard gDGBD 5 string banjo tuning. All Nylgut. Available in light or medium gauges. See drop down box below

  • £9.49
Tenbrooks 5 String Banjo Strings

Deering Tenbrooks 5 String Banjo Strings

A set of 5 loop ended Tenbrooks 5 string banjo strings with a Nickel wound 4th string. Gauges....11,.12,.13,.22w,.11. The Tenbrooks banjo string set were chosen through a collaboration of Jens Kruger and Greg Deering.

  • £5.49
  • RRP £6.49
  • Save £1.00
Elixir Banjo Medium

Elixir Banjo Medium

  • (3)

Elixir Strings deliver the tone and feel banjo players demand. And thanks to a patented POLYWEB® Coating, they retain that tone longer than any other string, uncoated or coated, according to those who play them. All Elixir banjo strings have loop ends, and the brilliant tone of the nickel-wrapped wound string perfectly complements the plain steels.

  • £11.99
GHS PF170 Strings

GHS PF170 Light Banjo Strings

  • (3)

Popular loop-end steel strings for 5-string banjo, with a stainless steel wound 4th string.... 9, 11, 13, 20w, 9. The extra-long 42" winding will fit any banjo, and the special GHS lock-twist loop helps keep you in tune.

  • £5.99

D'Addario EJS60 Stainless Steel Light 5 String Banjo - Loop Ended

  • (4)

EJS60, based on the gauges of the highly popular J60 set, offers light playing tension for comfortable playing feel and brilliant tone. Stainless steel construction provides a bright tone, smooth feel and long life. Loopend construction for universal fit.

  • £4.29
  • RRP £5.49
  • Save £1.20

Martin V730 5 String Medium

  • (2)

The name Vega has been synonymous with fine quality-crafted banjos since 1889. Martin selected a long lasting nickel/steel alloy for its tonal qualities and smooth consistency making these strings ideal for all styles of banjo playing. Martin Vega Banjo strings are made with tin-plated steel core wire and nickel alloy wrap wire.

  • £3.99
  • RRP £4.50
  • Save £0.51

Stelling Medium Gauge 5-String Banjo String Set

Set of Stelling Medium Gauge 5-string banjo strings. Gauge: 10 plain, 12 plain, 14 plain, 22 wound, 10 plain. Stelling Strings " The Strings for Powerful Picking" Made in The USA

  • £6.49

5 string tenor banjo strings from Eagle-Newtone, D'Addario, Deering and more.

We have a choice of 5 string banjo string sets available at the best prices on the web. Available in many tunings and guages, loop or ball ended, nickel or phosphor bronze. String manufacturers including our exclusive Eagle-Newtone sets, D'Addario, Martin, Deering plus more.


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