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The Zero Glide Nut System improves upon the "zero-fret" concept by combining a specially-made nickel-silver fret with a patented bone nut that’s designed for fitting into the stock nut slot of any fretted instrument. Check the 2nd image to find which one you need and chose from the drop down options box. Clearance stock

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 Zero Glide provides four frets of graduated heights to assure you perfect action at the first fret. This breakthrough system reduces contact between the string and the nut by 93% for greatly increased tuning stability by allowing the string to return to its original pitch following bends or aggressive playing techniques. An added benefit: open-string tone becomes the same as fretted-string tone!


ZS-15 Guitar Slotted, ZS-19 Ukulele Slotted, ZS-5 Guitar Slotted, ZB-9 Banjo Unslotted,
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