Traum, Artie Essential Dadgad for Beginners Vol 1 DVD

Code: HL00641607
Here is an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want to explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing. 55 mins. Includes music and tab.

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In his guided tour, guitarist Artie Traum shows you how to retune your guitar quickly and easily, form the important chords in the key of D (some using only one finger), improvise instrumentals, write songs, and get funky with country blue ideas.

Using the folk classic The Water Is Wide as an example, Artie reveals how a song can be harmonized using basic chord positions in this tuning.
Playing in DADGAD tuning will transform the ways you create music on your guitar. Its unique tonality will help you improvise beautiful fingerstyle pieces, and its sounds will inspire you to go on to more advanced studies in alternate tunings.


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