Homespun Stacy Phillips: Dobro - A Guide To Repertoire And Technique DVD 1

Code: HL00641970
Learn to play a variety of fantastic tunes as you master the challenging techniques of the Dobro with this accessible DVD tutorial by Dobro master Stacy Phillips.

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Phillips provides detailed instruction on:
  • The use of picks
  • The bar
  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Right hand rolls
  • A variety of chord positions

An in-depth examination of major scale patterns is provided, applicable to almost any song and allowing you to create your own melodies and improvisations.

Each song has been carefully selected to introduce different playing styles and boost your musical vocabulary. You will discover the blues, bluegrass, three different open tunings and a breathtaking arrangement of Dixie Hoedown that combines every element from the lessons in spectacular fashion.

This intermediate-level tutorial in resonator guitar will have you picking better than you ever dreamed you could!

Note: You can use any guitar to play this style, although it would be best to have one with a high action or purchase a nut raiser for your existing guitar (see below).


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