Jerry Douglas Jerry Douglas Dobro Techniques DVD

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Take a lesson from the man the NY Times has called "Dobro's matchless contemporary master." On this DVD, Jerry Douglas shares the powerful techniques and unique sounds that have characterized his award-winning playing and have made him a legend among acoustic musicians.

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"A few years ago, I realized I hadn't become the guitar player I wanted to be when I was starting out, so I got really busy and that's when I found Jerry Douglas. He's the Buddha that I pray to every day. He has long been the mentor that I'm living up to." -John Fogerty

Jerry starts by getting you tuned up and acquainted with the Dobro essentials - proper left and right hand positions, bar pull-offs and hammer-ons and a variety of right hand picking patterns. As the lesson develops, you’ll learn to master important techniques such as forward and reverse bar slants, “banjo” rolls, string pulls and how to combine rolls in complex picking sequences.

All of the techniques are brought together in detailed, note-by-note breakdowns of three great tunes: Fireball Mail, Cincinnati Rag and Banks of the Ohio. Jerry’s clear and concise teaching style, along with invaluable tips on musicianship and equipment, will help you become a better player. By developing bar control, fingerpicking skills, licks and song arrangements, you’ll gain insights and abilities that will bring your Dobro playing to new heights.

BONUS! This classic 1989 Dobro lesson now features a new introduction and interview with Jerry, recorded in 2004.

Note: You can use any guitar to play this style, although it would be best to have one with a high action or purchase a nut raiser for your existing guitar (see below).


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