Homespun Stacy Phillips: Dobro - A Guide To Repertoire And Technique 2 DVD

Code: HL00641971
Stacy's presentations extend beyond the tune being taught. You'll amass a full arsenal of techniques to create your own solos, improvisations and variations.

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Move into more advanced territory as Stacy Phillips continues his exploration of several important Dobro essentials. He helps you build up your repertoire of rolls, drones, scale patterns, hammer-ons and pull-offs, but now the emphasis is on bar slants and string pulls. These powerful techniques give you the ability to play more complex chords and allow you to create distinctive effects, including beautiful and compelling pedal steel-like licks.

You'll learn four tunes in detail. These include Cherokee Shuffle and Bill Cheatham, which emphasize the skills you need to arrange fiddle tunes for Dobro. The great Bill Monroe tune Kentucky Waltz focuses on working forward and reverse slants into your solos, and offers new ideas for using them in the rest of your repertoire. Stacy's original composition, Last Rose of Autumn (featured on “The Great Dobro Sessions”), covers everything you've learned in a heart-felt and complex instrumental.

 Note: You can use any guitar to play this style, although it would be best to have one with a high action or purchase a nut raiser for your existing guitar (see below).


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