Ross Nickerson Christmas Music for Banjo Made Easy Book/Online Audio

Code: 21027M
Easy to play five-string banjo arrangements of twelve Christmas favorites by banjo master Ross Nickerson. Each song is arranged and performed using proper three-finger bluegrass technique. The arrangements are carefully designed to bring out the melody, but easy enough for a beginner or intermediate player to learn quickly. With online Audio.

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The tablature in the book is large and easy to read with accent marks for melody notes, as well as right and left-hand fingering indications. This book is not simply a tablature book! Christmas Music Made Easy for Banjo also features instruction on learning the chords to each song, chord progression charts for each song, special learning tips for each arrangement, a full page of advice on memorizing the songs and more. In the instructional sections of the book Ross draws on his many years of experience teaching students privately to anticipate and point out the most common obstacles and challenges with each song. This section also features a page of general advice that includes suggestions on the best use of practice time and how to develop the skills needed to succeed with each piece.

 Additionally, Christmas Music Made Easy for Banjo features a high-quality studio recorded online audio accompaniment of all the songs played at three speeds, including a backup rhythm track to practice along with. Also included is a page entitled Advice on using the online audio and rhythm tracks to help ensure that the student fully utilises the audio recordings to learn the songs more efficiently and with greater ease.


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Song Book, Tutor Book,
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5 String