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Tenor Ukulele

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Ohana All Solid Mahogany 'Shakerlele'

The Ohana Shakerlele® is a solid ukulele shaped shaker made in collaboration with Daniel Ho. See below for more details

  • £25.99
  • RRP £30.99
  • Save £5.00

Ohana TK-35-10 'Tiple' 10 String Ukulele

The Ohana 'Tiple' (meaning treble or high pitched) TK-35-10 features a tenor sized, deeper than normal all solid mahogany body, steel strings and a slotted headstock. See below for specs.

  • £349.00
  • RRP £469.00
  • Save £120.00
Ohana TK-10

Ohana TK-10 Tenor Ukulele

  • (5)

Our best-value tenor, this one has great sound and action at a price that might surprise you! Fitted with Aquila strings.

  • £99.00
  • RRP £145.00
  • Save £46.00

Ohana TK-20 Tenor Ukulele

  • (5)

Tenor ukulele with solid mahogany on the top, great sound and look!

  • £159.00
  • RRP £219.00
  • Save £60.00
Ohana TK-50G Tenor Ukulele

Ohana TK-50G

All solid Cedar and Rosewood bring terrific sound to this lovely tenor ukulele from Ohana. In deep gloss finish.

  • £299.00
  • RRP £389.00
  • Save £90.00

Ohana TK-35CE Cutaway Electro TenorUkulele

Quality all solid tenor ukulele with cutaway, superb sweet mellow tone. Features a built in pre-amp, pickup assy and a built in tuner. Smooth satin finish.

  • £289.99
  • RRP £409.99
  • Save £120.00

Ohana TKGL-20 Guitar Ukulele

For the ukulele player looking to learn guitar, the Ohana Guitarlele keeps the tenor-size body and shape and overall feel of the instrument, while increasing the string count to 6 to bring you even greater sound and the chance to practice playing "guitar style" -- the musical equivalent of a tenor ukulele tuned with low-G, and two additional strings in the bass register, completing a two-octave span. Tuned from low to high - ADGCEA

  • £239.00
  • RRP £289.00
  • Save £50.00

Ohana TK-35 Tenor Ukulele

  • (1)

High quality tenor uke from Ohana in all solid mahogany. Available in Matt or Gloss finish.

  • £239.00
  • RRP £359.00
  • Save £120.00

Ohana TK-350G Tenor Ukulele

  • (1)

Solid koa with abalone details and a rich gloss finish. Extraordinary appearance coupled with first-class tone and playability.

  • £599.00
  • RRP £783.00
  • Save £184.00

Ohana PKT-70G All Solid Pineapple Tenor Ukulele

Ohanas PKT-70G All Solid Pineaple tenor ukulele. Solid spruce lends brightness and an additional bit of pluck and punch to the pineapples in Ohanas 70G series. To lend a bit of further sparkle and shine, we’ve chosen an abalone rosette and purfling throughout the top. This all solid build boasts a high gloss finish -- making these ukes as pretty as they are sweet sounding.

  • £329.00
  • RRP £429.99
  • Save £100.99

Ohana TK-70-8 8 String All Solid Ukulele

Double the strings for double the fun! Two strings for each note means twice the fun with the Ohana 8-string “Taro-patch” ukulele. Octave pairings on G and C, partnered with double course E and A strings, provides plenty of volume and range for your collection, with a satin finish to complete the classic look.

  • £289.00
  • RRP £399.00
  • Save £110.00

Ohana TK-38 Tenor Ukulele

Vintage-Martin style all solid Tenor uke in premium mahogany from Ohana USA. The TK-38 is styled after the classic Martin 2 ukulele and is part of the Ohana 38 series. An all solid mahogany build is lovingly stained the old fashioned “rubbed on” way, allowing the instrument to develop its own unique voice as it ages with minimal interference from the finish.

  • £289.00
  • RRP £339.00
  • Save £50.00

Ohana TK-15WG Tenor Ukulele

Each TK-15W has its unique pattern of wood grains, making it a very striking looking instrument as well as having the usual Ohana excellent build quality, featuring a gloss finish. (Note the grain pattern will vary from images) shown See below for specs

  • £149.00

Ohana TK-20CE Tenor Ukulele

This tenor performs, literally! The addition of an EQ and a cutaway design is perfect when you are playing for the crowd!

  • £219.00
  • RRP £318.00
  • Save £99.00

Ohana TK-70G Tenor Ukulele

Attractive bright sounding tenor ukulele from Ohana with Solid Spruce top and Flamed Maple back and sides.

  • £339.00
  • RRP £489.00
  • Save £150.00

Ohana TK-70KE Tenor Ukulele

Solid spruce top with flamed koa back and sides make for a bright sound, and faux tortoise binding creates a crisp contrast. Features a 3 band eq with onboard pre-amp.

  • £389.00
  • RRP £529.99
  • Save £140.99

Ohana TK-250G Tenor Acacia Koa Ukulele

Solid spruce top with flamed Koa solid back and sides make for a bright sound, with a wood binding creates a crisp contrast.Attractive design and stunning sound for any ukulele player wanting that bit more.

  • £389.00
  • RRP £529.99
  • Save £140.99

Ohana TK-90SC Tenor Ukulele

A very attractive All Solid Tenor Ukulele from Ohana. Featuring a solid spruce and cedar top and solid maple and hardwood back and sides.

  • £449.00
  • RRP £610.00
  • Save £161.00

Ohana TKS-22E Electro Thin Bodied Tenor Ukulele

The Ohana TKS-22E thin body tenor ukulele features a solid Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and an under-saddle passive pick-up, great lightweight electro uke for travelling. Plug in and play anywhere. See below for specs

  • £199.00

Ohana TK-50MG Tenor Ukulele

Solid cedar and choice details adorn a flamed mahogany tenor ukulele with unique tone and playability.

  • £239.00
  • RRP £359.00
  • Save £120.00

Tenor ukuleles from budget ukes for beginners through to high quality hand built ukes. Models by Mainland, Ohana, Martin, Brunswick, Tanglewood, Eastman, Noah, Stagg and more at Eagle Music.

Eagle supply a second to none range of tenor ukuleles froma range of uke manufacturers. Whatever your playing style or music preference we guarantee you specialist ukulele advice to help you choose the right model for you.


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