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Hohner Special 20

Hohner Special 20

A smooth "comfortable" feeling harmonica with genuine brass plates recessed in a plastic body. The Special 20 is an exceptionally warm-sounding airtight instrument with bolted on covers.

  • £31.95
  • RRP £36.99
  • Save £5.04
Hohner Marine band deluxe

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe

10 Hole diatonic Hohner Marine Band Deluxe harmonica. A superb 10 hole diatonic from Hohner. The new Marine Band Deluxe has all the qualities of the original, plus the latest state-of-the-art engineering design changes.

  • £45.99
  • RRP £55.99
  • Save £10.00

Hohner Marine Band Crossover

With the Crossover Hohner have expanded the Marine Band series to introduce a new, top-of-the-line professional quality instrument for the discerning player in modern blues, rock, jazz, soul or funk. The revolutionary laminated bamboo comb (patent pending) is completely sealed, making it water repellent and exceptionally stable. In combination with the screw together assembly the Crossover is extremely airtight, with fast, even response and a raspy, powerful sound which is exceptionally well suited to amplified playing as well as acoustic styles. The modern compromise tuning is ideal for single note playing in different positions in contemporary blues, rock, jazz, soul, funk, while still ensuring a full chord sound, making the Crossover an optimal addition to the great Marine Band range.

  • £59.99
  • RRP £68.99
  • Save £9.00
Hohner Marine Band

Hohner Marine Band 1896

The code number 1896 refers to the year that Hohner introduced this model ‘the worlds best selling harmonica.’ The Marine Band is Internationally recognized by performers for its beauty and simplicity, this is the most favoured and famous harmonica in the world.

  • £30.99
  • RRP £37.99
  • Save £7.00
Hohner Golden Melody

Hohner Golden Melody

The classic curve of this harmonica makes it especially easy-to-hold. This model offers a strong, full-bodied sound. The larger sound holes on this model make the ‘overblow’ technique easier to accomplish.

  • £34.95
  • RRP £40.99
  • Save £6.04
Hohner 270/48

Hohner 270/48 Super Chromonica

  • (6)

Chromatic Harmonica ...This solo tuned 48-reed, twelve hole Super Chromonica has stood the test of time and holds the title of ‘best selling chromatic harmonica’

  • £144.99
  • RRP £174.99
  • Save £30.00
Hohner Blues Harp

Hohner Blues Harp

This harmonica’s great traditional sound originates from an MS model with wooden comb (body) which give a sweeter tone. It is a good choice for playing the blues, as the cover plates have closed ends which help towards note 'bending'. Comes complete with a tough plastic case.

  • £31.99
  • RRP £37.99
  • Save £6.00
Happy Harmonica in 'C'

Hohner Happy Harmonica in 'C'

  • (2)

Diatonic Harmonica ...Great value harmonica in the key of 'C'. Available in 4 see-thru colours with plastic pouch.

  • £6.99
  • RRP £7.20
  • Save £0.21

Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Model In Presentation Box

The original 1896/20 Marine Band Harmonica had been associated with Bob Dylan throughout his career. The new Signature series model embodies the ultimate collaboration between Bob Dylan and Matthias Hohners master craftsmen. Representing the next generation in harp design and playability, this new signature series harp is designed to produce a more brilliant or bright sound and when combined with the natural tone of a wooden comb, it creates a greater sonic versatility which allows artists such as Bob Dylan to more easily express themselves. See below for more details. In limited quantities only!

  • £75.99
  • RRP £91.99
  • Save £16.00
silver star c

Hohner Silver Star

  • (4)

The popular Hohner Silver Star entry level 10 hole diatonic harmonica from Hohner. It is available in the following Keys: C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb.The Silver Star is a step above many other entry level harmonicas.'C' is the most popular key for beginners. The brass tuned reeds are built around an airtight ABS comb. It is excellent for getting started on harmonica and playing blues, rock or any other music of your choice.

  • £13.99
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £1.00
Hohner Rocket

Hohner Rocket

  • (5)

The Rocket represents a new breakthrough in diatonic harmonica design. The ergonomically designed comb has rounded sides and edges for maximum comfort. Wide open cover plates and channel design enhance pressure to ensure maximum loudness. The Rocket allows players to express a powerful, dynamic sound.

  • £35.99
  • RRP £42.99
  • Save £7.00
Marine Band Minor

Hohner Marine Band 1896 - Minor Keys

  • (1)

Marine Band 1896 : ‘Minor Tuning’ Series The code number 1896 refers to the year that Hohner introduced this model ‘the worlds best selling harmonica.’

  • £39.99
  • RRP £46.99
  • Save £7.00
Hohner Chrometta

Hohner Chrometta

  • (1)

The Chrometta series offers an array of chromatic harmonicas perfect for the beginner. The larger than normal mouthpiece holes are easier for the beginner to master.

  • From £68.99

Hohner 280/64 Chromonica 64

  • (3)

The star of the Chromonica series, this solo-tuned sixteen-hole chromatic model is fitted with wind saving valves and covers a four octave range, thus giving an extra octave below middle C.

  • £189.99
  • RRP £209.99
  • Save £20.00
Marine Band : 364 Models

Hohner Marine Band : 364 Models

  • (4)

Marine Band 24. This version of ‘the worlds best selling harmonica.’ Is a hand made twelve-hole, twenty-four brass reed model. It features finely chrome-plated heavy convex covers and a distinctive pear wood comb, the reed plates are nailed in the traditional way. It is packaged in a plastic hinged case. Available in C, G, D,

  • £41.99
  • RRP £45.99
  • Save £4.00

Hohner Billy Joel Signature in C

The Billy Joel Signature harmonica, which comes in the key of C was designed in close collaboration with the legend himself and features custom engraved stainless steel cover plates mounted on a doussie comb. For fans, collectors and players alike, the harmonica is packaged in a beautiful display case, which also holds the score for the famous intro to Piano Man. Available in C only

  • £45.99
  • RRP £49.99
  • Save £4.00
Hohner Big River Harp

Hohner Big River Harp

With a cover design patterned after the ever-popular 1896 Marine Band, the Big River is optimized for a strong, bright tone. This is a great value harmonica that’s available in the full range of key choices.

  • £24.99
  • RRP £28.99
  • Save £4.00
Hohner CX-12

Hohner 7545 CX-12 Black 'Other Keys'

The award-winning CX-12 harmonica is unique in style and sound, the moulded one-piece housing enables the player to achieve a warm, round tone.

  • £159.99
  • RRP £179.99
  • Save £20.00
Marine band Thunderbird

Hohner Thunderbird Low Tuned

A new dimension of deep-toned harmonica playing! The Marine Band Thunderbird combines Hohner's leading edge innovation with cover plates designed by legendary customizer Joe Filisko to create the benchmark for low key harmonicas. This revolutionary model offers unprecedented volume and response in the low register, with virtually no reed rattle.

  • £89.99
  • RRP £104.99
  • Save £15.00

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