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Sierra with dvd

Deering Sierra Mahogany

  • (3)

What a great banjo! The Deering Sierra is the USA Deering Banjo CO. 'Flagship Model' outselling all other Deering Banjos. Supplied complete with a Deering Deluxe hardshell case and a complimentary Greg Deering workshop DVD. Please see below for specification details.

  • £1,999.00
  • RRP £2,399.00
  • Save £400.00
sierra maple

Deering Sierra Maple

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What an amazing banjo ...The Deering Sierra is the USA Deering Banjo CO. Flagship Model outselling all other Deering Banjos! The Maple Sierra here is Supplied complete with a Deering Deluxe hardshell case and a complimentary Greg Deering workshop DVD. Please see below for specification details.

  • £1,999.00
  • RRP £2,399.00
  • Save £400.00

Deering Blackgrass 5 String Banjo

The Goodtime Blackgrass is the ultimate banjo for players looking for something a little on the darker side. The pure black stain of the all maple wood is accented with matte black hardware and a black head which combine to put a dark twist on an otherwise traditional instrument. Johnny Cash would have wanted one of these!

  • £829.00
  • RRP £939.00
  • Save £110.00

Deering Eagle II Open Back

The ground breaking Eagle II 5-String Open Back banjo with unique patent Deering design Twenty-Ten tone ring. Excellent for frailing and clawhammer, and for all other styles of banjo music. Has maple neck, and solid three ply violin maple rim. Please see below for more details and build specification.

  • £1,699.00
  • RRP £1,999.00
  • Save £300.00
Deering White Lotus

Deering White Lotus 5 String Resonator Banjo with Deering Hard Case

The bluegrass inspired White Lotus banjo, named for its lotus flower inspired inlay pattern, is centered around the patent pending white oak rim. Notably lacking a traditional heavy tone ring, the natural white oak rim closely recreates a bright, crisp bluegrass punch, ushering in a new era in playing comfort and sound for today’s banjo player. Supplied in a Deering Hard Case. See below for details.

  • £1,899.00
  • RRP £2,249.00
  • Save £350.00

Deering Rustic Wreath

The Rustic Wreath is a stunning and affordable walnut stained maple banjo that honors the heritage of the instrument, while taking on a sleek, minimalist feel. In keeping with the tradition of some of the world’s most popular banjos, the Rustic Wreath retains aesthetic features of its older siblings, notably the inlay pattern from the Golden Wreath, the traditional prewar peg head shape, and iconic flange hole pattern. A Deering 06 tone ring mounted to a 3-ply violin grade maple rim makes for a time tested tone loved by audiences around the world

  • £2,599.00
  • RRP £2,899.00
  • Save £300.00
jens kruger

Deering Jens Kruger Signature Model

The Jens Kruger is the top model of the Tenbrooks line. It is made with violin grade maple because of the musical qualities of this wood and it features a radiused ebony fretboard. The radiused fingerboard fits the curve of the fingers over the playing surface making it just that much more effortless to travel the fingerboard.

  • £8,899.00
  • RRP £10,349.00
  • Save £1,450.00
saratoga star 06

Deering Saratoga Star - 06 Tone Ring Model

The Deering Saratoga Star is part of the Deering 'Tenbrooks' range of banjos. Crisp Maple with a brilliant full bodied tone, deep bass, brilliant highs, The Saratoga Star is one of the most elegantly beautiful modern banjos to enter the musical arena of classic instruments.

  • £4,399.00
  • RRP £5,119.00
  • Save £720.00
sierra maple OB

Deering Sierra 'Maple' Open Back

USA hand built Deering Sierra 'Maple' 5-string Open Back banjo with Deering -06- 20 hole bell bronze tone ring. This model has exquisite Greg Deering styled intricate pearl inlaid ebony fingerboard. Vintage brown stained maple neck and rim.

  • £1,699.00
  • RRP £1,999.00
  • Save £300.00

Deering The Calico

The crisp Deering Calico finished in Honey stained curly maple with it's distinctive white bound headstock. Has awesome tone & power from the Deering -06- 20 hole bronze tone ring.

  • £3,499.00
  • RRP £4,199.00
  • Save £700.00
boston 5 string

Deering Boston 5 String Banjo

The 'Boston' 5 string model with ornate Greg Deering pearl & maple inlays. This professional banjo has a 3/16" thick steel rim which rings out loud and clear with a sound similar to a bronze tone ring. The Boston design is unique to Deering and provides you with a top quality banjo at an affordable price. Please see below for specification details.

  • £1,699.00
  • RRP £2,029.00
  • Save £330.00
maple blossom

Deering Maple Blossom

Maple, -06- tone ring and flower inlays are key elements of the Maple Blossom banjo. The Maple Blossom is made from Eastern violin grade curly maple, stained with a dark walnut stain, and adorned with flower mother of pearl inlays. The Deering Maple Blossom is an excellent banjo with a powerful clear crisp tone.

  • £3,199.00
  • RRP £3,749.00
  • Save £550.00
deluxe inlaid

Deering The Deluxe

The Deering Deluxe is one of the most popular models of the Deering banjo line. It is fitted with the Deering -06- 20 hole bronze tone ring. Has an ebony fingerboard inlaid with Greg Deering exquisite markers. The Walnut neck and walnut resonator create a crisp warm sweet tone.

  • £2,399.00
  • RRP £2,899.00
  • Save £500.00
golden era

Deering The Golden Era

The superb Deering banjo, designed and built to resemble the most sought after 5-string banjo of the pre-war era. With the Deering -06- 20 hole bronze tone ring. Play this banjo and you will be hooked! It has amazing presence, tone and volume along with a traditional neck shape for sustain, power and tone.

  • £3,499.00
  • RRP £4,099.00
  • Save £600.00
black diamond

Deering The Black Diamond

The Deering Black Diamond banjo with Deering -06- 20 hole bronze tonering. Complete with Deering deluxe hardshell case. The Deering Black Diamond evolved from requests for a fancier banjo than the Deering Deluxe but with the same sweet tone of a tropical American mahogany banjo. Hand engraved inlays on the fingerboaard.

  • £2,599.00
  • RRP £3,093.04
  • Save £494.04
gold hon crossfire

Deering The Golden Honey Crossfire

The Deering Golden Honey Crossfire has a maple neck, ebony fingerboard and natural alder body in gloss finish. With the Deering Crossfire you can play loud on stage without feedback and keep up to the volume of electric guitar, bass and drums.


Deering The John Hartford

The Deering John Hartford curly maple banjo with Grenadillo tone-ring, complete with Deering deluxe hard-shell case. This unique banjo designed by Greg Deering for John Hartford, offers you the great pre-war tone and quality without the weight of a bronze tone-ring.

  • £3,399.00
  • RRP £3,909.00
  • Save £510.00
black cross

Deering The Electric Black Crossfire

With the Deering Crossfire you can play loud on stage without feedback and keep up to the volume of electric guitar, bass and drums. Not only can you adjust your sound by turning the tone knob from bass to treble, but the volume knob also gives you immediate control over your output.

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