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Concert Ukulele Buying Guide

So, you’ve narrowed down your choice, and you want to start playing concert ukulele.

The concert size ukulele is the most popular size. it is slightly larger than the soprano and is excellent for most players. It is normally tuned to G C E A (Regular ‘C’ tuning). We have on our listings ukuleles to suit all styles and budgets, Here are some suggestions to help you choose.

Most entry level and lower priced models have laminated tops which give a reasonable amount of tone and volume, the solid top models will give you a higher quality of tone and volume, but the all solid timber models will give you that professional quality of tone, volume and projection of sound.

Laminate Top Concert Ukuleles: Tanglewood, Ohana, Mahalo
Solid Top Concert Ukuleles: Tanglewood, Ohana,
All Solid Timber Concert Ukuleles: Mainland, Martin, Eastman, Tanglewood, Eastman

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