Homespun Pete Wernick: Intermediate Bluegrass Jamming DVD

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If you've already tried a little Bluegrass Jamming, found your first few chords and tested a handful of tunes, Pete Wernick and an All-Star Bluegrass Band now give you the chance to progress to the next level

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With ample soloing opportunities and a variety of keys and tempos, this DVD tutorial/session will help you build your confidence and your repertoire, giving you the skills to join in and jam in any situation. 22 classic songs are performed by Wernick and the band, providing rhythm backup and two breaks per song for you to work on your soloing. Each song is played at a moderate tempo, so it's easy to keep up and play along.

Along with the songs themselves, you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of a jam session
  • Backup basics
  • Playing the melody
  • Using the capo
  • Jam etiquette
  • How to handle a musical disaster!


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